Don Jamieson of THAT METAL SHOW and Gunfire and Sodomy shoots the shit with LRI

Don Jamieson of THAT METAL SHOW and Gunfire and Sodomy shoots the shit with LRI
June 15, 2011 | By More


Q: Now that the latest season of That Metal Show has wrapped and is hitting all of our greasy little minds whenever we turn on VH1 what are you busy with? Do you guys have plenty of new stuff to work on besides trying to corrupt Eddie Trunk?


A: Well, corrupting Eddie is a full time job but the thing I’m second most excited about is the release of my stand-up comedy cd “Live & Hilarious” on Metal Blade Records on April 26. I’m the 1st comic ever signed to the label and they couldn’t be cooler. Check for more info and pre-order.


Q: How much touring have you done in the Northern Illinois/ Southern Wisconsin area? I know you’re an East Coast guy, is it easy to get bored and in trouble when you run the road up in these parts?


A: Actually I played a week at Zanies in Chicago last winter and it was AWESOME! Joey Jordison from Slipknot flew in from Des Moines and we hung and partied all week. It was a blast !!!! (ED. note….it only stands to reason that people from Iowa have experience finding things to do)


Q: Well, we do love our rock up here and are in plenty need of comic relief. Have you ever road tripped long distances to see shows you had no personal involvement in?

Is that something you’ve been able to do more now that you’re pulling all that VH1 juice?


A: I’ll travel ANYWHERE for a great show. Jim Florentine and I once flew to England to see the last 3 nights of the Motorhead/Saxon/Danko Jones tour a few years ago. Now that’s commitment!


Q: We’re only a few shows in as far as airings… this past week’s Ace Frehley episode was a blast. I was happy to see you stand up for Jake E Lee against everyone. Zakk’s pinch harmonics were fun on “No Rest For The Wicked” but come on…. Do any of the shows you’ve taped this season stand out to you personally as highlights?


A: I think we’ve outdone ourselves on every show this season. Obviously having Kirk Hammett to kick off the season was amazing. Ace ruled. David Coverdale is hysterical. And Billy Sheehan sitting in as our guest bassist is totally sick!


Q: You and co-host Jim Florintine’s respective album deals were just announced when you were in the middle of taping this season. Was this a clever ruse on the part of Eddie since we’ve already seen at least one person pull Eddie’s book out of the box of junk? And why the hell was that Michael Bolton disc really in the box?


A: Well…. our albums weren’t ready by the time we taped………. and yes, that was a Michael Bolton cd. Hey man, it really IS a box of JUNK sometimes!


Q: We all know that Eddie’s pet band is U.F.O. Is there any band you’d be willing to attach your name to so permanently for all to see???


A: Oh yeah…. Old school – Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy. New school – Amon Amarth, Danko Jones, Crowbar (Editor’s note…Danko Jones rules)


Q: Where do some of our Midwestern peeps fit in? Do Cheap Trick, Enuff Z Nuff or Trouble rank? Or a newer band like Last Vegas?


A: Well, obviously Cheap Trick is EXTEREMELY underrated and should be in the RNR Hall of Fame. Enuff Z Nuff was ahead of their time to be honest. Trouble is great doom metal. I’m not sure about Last Vegas but will check them out!


Q: Are you glad that they send Jim out to the audience to make creepy remarks to female audience members. Will it ever stop being funny even after he settles in with a stable family life?


A: No John. He gets such obvious joy out of being creepy that it never gets old to us!


Q: What would you give as the main reason why we haven’t seen certain metal bigshots on the show yet even after so many seasons? Is it a beef with the layout/format or simply an inability to have a sense of humor and be real?


A: Honestly, most of it is really just scheduling to be honest. However, the good news is, there’s still lots of big shots to look forward to seeing this season… Eddie Van Halen/David Lee Roth, Brian Johnson/Angus Young, Jimmy Page, etc…


Q: I have a commitment to myself to bring up Vinnie Vincent in every interview I do. Keeping with that, would you guys do an episode with Vinnie if he were located and willing?


A: Big yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Q: What was the first live comedy show you went to, the first comedy album you bought and how do you think they influenced you, IF AT ALL??


A: 1st live show I ever saw was at Catch A Rising Star in NYC in the mid-80’s. I Saw Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, Rita Rudner and a whole bunch of others that night and knew right then I hadda try it someday. The first comedy album I ever bought was George Carlin “Class Clown.” Well I stole it, but still… ….


Q: Time to rip off Metal Sludge word association, what comes to mind when I say


A: Lemmy: Personal hero. No remorse, no regrets.


Howard Stern: Radio genius.


Queensryche: Stuck up for them on our Throwdown this season, Queen vs. Queensryche.


Danko Jones: If Kiss, Thin Lizzy & Cheap Trick had a threesome you’d get DJ.


Lisa Lampanelli: Great comic, sweet person, balls of steel.


Sam Kinison: One of the greats. Period.


C.C. Deville: Happy he’s sober.


Paul DiAnno: The original.


Gallagher: As a vegetarian his smashing of watermelons offends me.


Jennifer, Ms. Box of Junk: Knows how to wear a pair of leather pants. Sweet, sexy.


Q: Lucky question 13. You’re done with at least one of your many interviews…Do you have any final plugs or words of encouragement for your cold and soggy, stuck in the middle of the country metal brothers and sisters?


A: Just that the best way to stay warm is by watching “That Metal Show” every Saturday night. Thanks to all of you and keep the metal faith!!


Thanks for taking the time to do this Don!!

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