That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine talks about his rock tastes, his comedy and much more

That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine talks about his rock tastes, his comedy and much more
July 8, 2011 | By More

Q: Since the new episodes of That Metal Show are currently airing and I’m not hearing you on Sirius please start off by letting everyone know what you’re currently up to besides protecting your family from Don Jamieson’s sideburns…..


A: I’m working on a One Man Show that is basically fucked up stories about my life. Also, I have a movie coming out June 24 called A Little Help with Jenna Fischer of the Office and Chris O’ Donnell.


Q: A lot of people probably know you best from sitting around high off their ass watching cable TV at night….you’ve starred in Crank Yankers , Inside the NFL and of course That Metal Show. Those of us who are more cultured know you as being one of Howard Stern’s favorite crank callers. How did you get involved with Howard/Sirius which is every comedians dream? What do you think the song parodies of your friend Robin or the impressions they did of you on the show while you were dating?


A: I made up a CD of my Crank Calls and sent it into the show and they started playing them the next day. I never thought they would and next thing you know I got the gig on Crank Yankers because of it. All of the Robin song parodies are funny and I consider it an honor that Fred would do an impression of me!!


Q: How do you feel about your Wikipedia page referencing your Emmy award for Inside The NFL as the end all be all panty dropping card on your bedroom nightstand. Now that you’re a family man do you feel the need to ask them to take that shit down?


A: There is no reason to take that down. That’s how I got my Fiancee. Haha


Q: We are from Rockford, Illinois so it’s understandable that you might be apprehensive to do an interview with us. You’re the last That Metal Show guy we had to interview. We’re famous for Cheap Trick, for consistently being voted the worst city in America by Money magazine and for Cheap Trick. What do you think of touring the midwest? Is it as boring as watching the Cubs? And what do you think of Rick, Tom, Bun E and Robin?


A: I love performing in the midwest. My favorite state to perform in is Missouri. I’m a big Cheap Trick fan, but not so much the Cubs. I like a team that wins a World Series once every 100 years.


Q: When you play places that are out of the way do you see a Des Moines effect like the South Park episode where everything in Des Moines is 10 years behind the rest of the country?? I saw someone in the crowd at your L.A. Show wearing a Dogs D’Amour Tshirt which is sorta retro classy versus the Jackyl ones I sometimes see around here.


A: Hmmm….not really because nobody can fit in their old concert t shirts from the 80s including me because we are all fat now. Those old shirts were small.


Q: Eddie comes off as the everyman of the show to most people and gave us super long winded detailed answers to all of our questions, Don gave us short answers but is super cool to all of his fans and tweets and facebooks constantly with all of us, he’s in an acoustic death metal band and is mr. Social Media. Do the other two super nicey nice guys set you up to be the Captain Asshole of the group? Do you ever wanna make them walk through the crowd and insult people cause it seems like you’re doing a lot of the heavy lifting??


A: I’m not a big social media guy. I don’t go online for extended periods of time unless I’m looking at porn. I tried to go FB in the beginning but as soon as people would ask my why I didn’t POKE them quick enough I realized I don’t need this High School drama.

I socialize at my Stand Up shows afterwards with the fans. I’m old school, I want to see a face not hide behind a computer. As far as being an asshole, I’ve been told that in every relationship I’ve been in. It usually stems from because I’m a manly man and and first women are attracted to that and then 6 months later they try to change me into a pussy and I resist. Somehow they think that’s my fault. I like to listen to metal, drink beer, and tell dirty jokes. They get aggravated when I won’t watch Glee, drink wine, or stop cursing. Getting back to your question, I guess I am an asshole then. Ha.HA


Q: Is there any band you would so willingly tie your name and reputation to as Eddie Trunk and his beloved UFO?


A:. Yes…..Accept and Rose Tattoo


Q: You look like the member of the show most likely to be able to do multiple pull-ups. How often have you had to kick someone’s ass while out on the Killers of Comedy tour? Did Iron Sheik or Beetlejuice give you that owie on your face when your were wearing a bandage on your chin during the entire season a couple years back?


A: I haven’t been in a fight since High School. I did open for Slayer recently and got punched in the head from behind because some guy hated That Metal Show. i would have chased him and kicked his ass but I didn’t want to spill my beer.


Q: What happened to that Hidden Camera show that you and Don were doing for Comedy Central? Was it really that mean that they couldn’t air it? Did it make the time you messed with Van Halen fans on that Metal Show look like G rated Sinbad humor?


A: Everyone thought it was too mean for some reason. Most likely it was because we didn’t show us telling the people it was a prank at the end of the bit. It just fades to black and the viewer sits and wonders what the fuck just happened. I don’t like happy endings unless I’m getting massage.


Q: Word Association




Sabbath Born Again- average album, terrible sound


Angel- Kinda queer (hey!!!….editor’s note)


Vinnie Vincent-OK


Rush 2112- Masterpiece


Malcolm Young- Genius, and love that he still wears a pocket tshirt. Where do you even buy them anymore?


Enuff Z Nuff- Should have been bigger


Danko Jones- Best 3 piece live band since Motorhead


Crazy Bitch- New strip club anthem


Beetlejuice- needs to make a Dentist appointment


Jimmy Page- Guitar wizard


Q: Jim Florentine Timeline Association



1978-Didn’t masturbate yet


1983-Still didn’t masturbate yet


1988-Addicted to masturbation


1995- a lot of Fat Chicks


2000-Career started to take off, didn’t need anymore fat chicks


2004- lost friend Dimebag Darrell


2008-That Metal Show Premeires


2012-Shitty movie


Q: Thanks for Chatting Jim….any last plugs???


A: YES!!!

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EDITORS NOTE:    That’s a lot of shit for not being into social media…..haha

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