Bree Olson (ex- adult “Goddess”) opens up about happiness, sexiness, and More!

Bree Olson (ex- adult “Goddess”) opens up about happiness, sexiness, and More!
November 29, 2012 | By More


Bree Olson may have started out as pretty girl detasseling  corn in Indiana but she didn’t come from out of nowhere.  She was already an award winning adult legend in the making when she rose to the top of the national consciousness in 2011 as Charlie Sheen’s “Goddess”.  TMZ, ABC, FOX, People magazine, you name it, they were a regular part of the Sheen circus right up until she stopped being one of  Charlie’s angels, leaving both Sheen and the adult biz behind for a much more stable 2012.  Bree is still as hot as ever but she’s currently making waves with her mainstream acting and budding musical career, including managing and conceptualizing an all porn-star, real rock and roll band called….wait for it…..TIGHT.  We recently had the extreme pleasure of talking with her about all this and more.  Read on….

Legendary Rock Interviews: Thanks for talking to us Bree. Everyone is aware of your work in front of the camera and your celebrity but I really wanted to start off by asking you about the band you manage, “TIGHT”. A band made up of actual porn stars who happen to be musicians is a pretty novel concept, what made you decide to get involved with this project?

Bree Olson: I thought it was a cool concept because a lot of girls in the industry have a lot of different talents, whether they’re business talents or artistic talents and I just wanted to show that to the public. Rock isn’t necessarily my favorite type of music but I do enjoy it and I also know that most guys who are fans of porn are also big fans of rock so rock and porn just kind of go together. Rock N’ Roll and Rock N’ Porn it just seems to go well together. I was like “Ok, I can really see this taking off” and then when they started playing I was like “Oh, we need to shoot this” because of course there’s gonna be all kinds of cool stuff happening (laughs) that I wouldn’t want people to miss.

LRI: I love you because you have always been so open about your midwest roots even after transplanting to the entertainment capital of the universe. Has music always been a big part of your existence, even growing up in Indiana?

Bree: Definitely. It was weird when I was a kid growing up there because there wasn’t really any radio stations like there is now with hip hop and hard rock, it was more like some pop and oldies. It was kind of scattered all over the place but I always loved music and I always found a way to listen to stuff. When I turned like 12 and 13 I was buying CDs and it was like Korn and Limp Bizkit and stuff like that which was cool.

Bree and her band, TIGHT on the cover of their Rockumentary DVD

LRI: I know it’s been a while since the whole “Goddess” thing but I remember a moment which was kind of defining for you when Charlie had put out a statement to the effect that you were quitting the adult biz and you kind of put out a different statement about your career. Was this idea of working with “TIGHT” something you were kicking around even back then?

Bree: I had actually been working on this even before all that. I was still in the industry pretty heavily when I first came up with the whole band idea, I was just wanting to branch out and do different things. Since I have gotten out of the industry it has been pretty nice, I have just got such a fresh mindset now. I’m out here now in Hollywood and doing all this acting and music stuff and it’s been really nice.

LRI: Your Twitter usage is legendary. A few months back you had posted something about working for Disney which was pretty funny.

Bree: Yeah, I had been getting so much crap from people like “Oh, you can never work in mainstream because of what you’ve done and you can’t do this and you can’t do that” and I was like “No, no I can actually. It just might mean that I’m not going to be working for Disney or Family networks or stuff like that”. Then next thing I know I am working for ABC which is owned by Disney so when my actor’s guild check came in it was from Disney. I did a little cameo on “The Glass House” which is on the timeslot right after “The Bachelor” so that was really cool! So of course I had to Twitter about it (laughs). Then I made my own music video too for “Hollywood Douchebag” which was really fun.


Bree tweeted this pic….you’re welcome

LRI: I saw it. It’s all over Youtube. That is a pretty funny and catchy song, that’s your boyfriend?

Bree: Yes, Mike Gonsolin, he’s a producer. It’s totally a pop song. I actually came to him with the idea of him producing a song, we didn’t become boyfriend and girlfriend until after working together on the song which was how we started hanging out. My original idea was to do a song about social media and he was like “Oh, I don’t know, I’m not sure if enough people are going to relate to that, how about doing something about fake people and Hollywood douchebags” and I was kind of hesitant. He said “Well, we need a good song that will mesh good with a great video concept” and I thought that would be a great video so that’s the direction we went in. I wrote the lyrics I perform, he wrote the music and I wrote the script for the video and we put it up on Youtube. Most people don’t get it though that it’s a comedy and they think we’re actually being serious with it (laughs).


LRI photographer Jack Lue shot this pic of Bree!! Thanks Jack!

LRI: Again, that Indiana twang comes through during the song when you’re performing. Which is great.

Bree: Yeah!! You can’t cover it up (laughs). That Indy accent is just there. People are like “Oh, you changed your voice so much for that song” and it’s like “No, you listen to me talking to you right now and turn on the song, it’s the same voice, it sounds just like me right down to the accent and everything.” There are some things in the studio that you use for effect, same as like Ke$ha or any pop stuff but a lot of that is to keep the vocals in sync with the music so that it all sounds like a steady flow. I have learned so much just being in the studio.

Bree’s headshot for acting gigs!!

LRI: I don’t know how much behind the scenes, creating or directing stuff you were involved with in XXX but it sounds like you really enjoy that whole process just based on talking to you.

Bree: It was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life, hands down. Being in the studio and collaborating, me on the words and Mike on the music and then actually laying down the song, it was just the coolest thing I have ever been involved with.

Sizzling pic from Bree’s new cooking show

LRI: More fun than the Olympics in London?

Bree: The Olympics were fun. There’s just so many people, it’s like a whole other world within a world. You know what’s really sad though? The families of the people who are actually performing in the Olympics don’t automatically get tickets to the events! There were all these people standing around needing tickets and that was really, really sad to me. It was fun though. I went to Australia, I’m all over the place.

Bree is cuter than Koalas

LRI: You also work with Verified Call, which is a company that puts fans in contact with celebrities. The whole thing is pretty interesting to me. How did you get involved with them? Is that mostly fun?

Bree:  It is.  It’s cool.  I have a lot of people approach me about different projects like every day.  I usually skim through them and try to get a feel for like who’s legit and who’s not and who’s project is gonna fit best for me.   Verified Call came to me and gave me the whole company outline of how it all worked and it just sounded like a really good idea.  It’s not like all these phone sex companies.  A lot of people have wanted me to do phone sex lines and that’s not what Verified Call is all about, it’s more about connecting people with celebrities and professionals and stuff.  A lot of these people just call and want to shoot the crap with me and it’s really fun, I really enjoy it.  Some guys I throw for a loop, they call well intentioned and just want to talk with me and I’m in a naughty mood and I totally throw them off.  That’s what’s so cool about it is that it’s whatever I wanna do and it’s so flexible like that, which is why so many girls like it.  A lot of guys know, especially my fans know, that they’re not calling me for phone sex, they just wanna talk and wherever things go naturally they go.  I think that’s way sexier than phone sex anyway.  It’s way more sexy than calling a phone sex line with some girl who may or may not be what you think she is and she’s just pretending and acting and moaning into the phone while she does the dishes or whatever.  She could be like “Oh yeah, that’s so hot baby” while she’s totally folding socks or something.  Verified Call is way more real and that’s what I love about it.  That and the fact that we can control when we’re online and available to talk, like if I’m just having a totally bad day and don’t wanna talk there’s no pressure to be listed as “online” and available.  If things are really busy or not busy we can adjust our rates.  If I’m having a super bored, slow day I can lower my rate and be like “Oh my god, I’m only 2 dollars call and talk to me” (laughs).   The way it works is, the guy signs up for the features and can click on any girl he wants  and it sends us a text or email if we’re online and we connect.

LRI:  I know that it hasn’t always been 100% easy for you and there have been some stressful moments in your life but it seems like in the last year or two things have really been on an upward trajectory.  I’m not hearing any negative stories that make me fear for your health or happiness or any of that shit.  Do you attribute that  stability to your relationship with Mike  or just getting more in control of your business or leaving the adult biz?

Bree: Right.  I think honestly more than anything it’s just been patience.  When I first left the industry, people just don’t like change,  so they hated that.  Also, the internet trolls, they don’t like to see success or happiness so they just bash and bash as much as they possibly can in some vain attempt to try and keep you down.  Also, there are some people who view people from adult as like inbreds or idiots or….I don’t really know what they think or why they think it but it really came down to letting the whole situation calm down on its own.  Eventually they are gonna get sick of talking about you and they’re gonna move on to someone else to pick on or they’re gonna get over it and understand you.   I keep on doing more and more projects and at first it was making people really, really angry that I was doing projects that were unrelated to porn and they’d bash it.  Then as time went on and on and I kept doing more and more projects it went from, “Ok, this isn’t that bad” to “Okay, this is pretty good actually Bree” to “Wow, this is great!”.  It’s just the matter of having patience with the public and allowing them that space.  The Internet is really hard, that’s a tough audience right there but it can be handled if given enough time.

LRI:  As an outsider, it seemed like the media circus and all of the drama associated with the whole Charlie Sheen/Goddess era would have been more taxing than any of the alleged drugs or drinking going on.  It got pretty crazy from a TMZ perspective.

Bree:  Yeah, it was frustrating because what is so crazy is that everyone thinks that the time I was with Charlie it was the crazy drug fueled household but it wasn’t.  During the time I lived there it was actually deemed Sober Valley Lodge because he was really going through a sober period.  It was actually really chill there because of that.  Charlie Sheen is a major party animal but people just assume that if you’re living in the same house as him you must be doing what he was doing and I honestly wasn’t.  I was never a drug girl, people were all like “Oh, Bree is just this big crack whore” and I was like “Really??  The closest I ever came to doing drugs was smoking weed in high school”.  That’s it but people just don’t want to believe that or choose not to believe that and they’re gonna say what they wanna say.  Again, it goes back to the whole internet thing and how frustrating that can be, I just had to kind of take a break for a while from that.

Another Bree shot by Legendary Rock Interviews’ photographer Jack Lue

LRI:  I think there are a million pretty girls in XXX these days but one of the reasons you became such a star was that you were so believable in your interviews on Howard and all of your interviews in general when you spoke about sex and random hookups and all that.  You sounded like a super sexy, slutty, raging nymphomaniac and it all just came off a million times more realistic than most girls who try to talk that way.  Since you’ve left the industry and settled down a little have people questioned you about your sincerity and some of those things you said back then? 

Bree:  People do still bring it up sometimes and the thing is that it is true, I really was a slut and I just posted about this not too long ago.  I said that I was glad I got the slut out of my system, everyone has to go through that in their life.  Most girls do it in college, some wait til later and go through a phase where they sleep around a lot.  Well, I did the same thing except I did it all on camera and I loved doing it so everything I said was totally honest because I did enjoy it all.  In my own little perverted way that was my “thing”, everyone has their own little thing that they get off on or like to watch in porn and my turn on was doing it on camera.  I really wanted to be in porn, it turned me on and that was my way of getting off and being with different guys and all that.  I was really open about it and really open about talking about it.  I’m still really sexual and still like to have sex like crazy I just do it with my boyfriend now and he’s broken me more than I’ve ever been broken in porn.  But I can’t say that, I can’t say that stuff on Twitter or Facebook because his family follows me, his Mom follows me (laughs).  I can’t be as open as I used to be and post like “Man, my boyfriend just broke me in” and have his Mom be like “Oh, I’m so proud of my son” (laughs).  I have to handle things differently these days and I also have to be more responsible with doing these mainstream project in terms of just blurting stuff out.

LRI:  You have to carry yourself a little bit more like a Playmate and a little less like an adult biz girl.

Bree:  Right, right.  At first I was really strict about it too, like I wouldn’t post anything sexual or even sexy but recently in the last six months I have just been like “Ok, I can still post stuff that’s sexy and still be taken seriously” because it’s gotten to the point now where people just know.  So I’ll post like cleavage shots or bra and panty stuff because it’s just sexy and it’s not a big deal.  I mean, Ice-T’s wife Coco does it and she’s never been in porn and it’s like “Well, if she can do it, I can do it, whatever!”.

LRI:  We’ve talked a couple times now about how you’ve retired from the business but in so many ways lots of the classic starlets I talk to are still somehow on the radar.  You’re still one of the top girls on sites like Freeones and your website has plenty of adult content too if people want it.  Obviously, you’ve shot plenty of footage.  Are you still shooting exclusive content for your web members or is it mostly not about that?

Bree:  I am shooting content but it’s not sex that I’m shooting.  The people who are members of are not really members for the porn because like you said, they can go anywhere for that.  There is so much of that stuff available for free on those sites that I just don’t think that’s the factor.  It’s more about the close and daily interaction that I have with them, I have webcam shows, I have direct messaging which I am very adamant about because it is way better and more elaborate than Twitter.  Twitter just moves so fast, you can’t catch everything or get everyone’s messages and even if you do it’s only 160 characters.  They’re members because they’re super supportive and super fans and they love having that daily interaction with me.  It means a lot to me that I don’t even need to have sex on camera to keep my audience, my members are with me and loyal because they like me as a person and that’s cool.  I know them and I chat with them, it’s like my own little family and support system.  They’ve all seen me naked before anyway, it’s not like it’s not out there if you get an itch to see some of it (laughs).

LRI:  Thanks so much for making a fellow mid-westerner happy and talking to me Bree.  Before I let you go, back to the band TIGHT.  Is managing this band something you’re really into and passionate about??   It would be so easy to just sign off on the whole thing and only be a manager by association.  Are you really into it?

Bree:  Yeah, it’s so cool.  I have stayed in touch with the girls and handled this beyond just shooting the DVD and all that.  I actually need to call them after I get off the phone with you and tell them I just did this interview (laughs).  I really enjoy it and I am really, at heart, an entrepreneur, so this is something I am very behind and excited about.  I historically like to have as many projects going as I possibly can but I have actually said no to a lot of things because I am so committed to acting.  A lot of people don’t realize how much money I left behind when I got out of porn.  I left a LOT of money on the table and just flat out said “Okay, I wanna stop.  I want to go be a starving actress in Hollywood”.  I mean, a lot of these acting jobs don’t really pay much money and they’re not big parts and some of it is tedious but I really enjoy acting and I enjoy music, both performing and managing.    I have had to turn down a lot of projects that sounded really good in order to focus on my acting but TIGHT is one of those projects that still means a lot to me and they’re doing really well.  They went on Howard and he loved them and loved the music which is great, he didn’t even like my song but he loved my band which is fine.  That’s why you have to have different projects, not everyone’s going to like everything you do.

Bree toasting the girls from her band “TIGHT”

LRI:  Is the plan to go beyond just this DVD and do a full album and tour and all that?

Bree:  Yeah.  I would love that.  Kelley Jean is the new lead singer and that is all something that is on the horizon.  They’ve done a little bit of  touring but we want to do more and they need those live performances in order to keep that sincere camaraderie of being a band.  I mean, these girls eat, sleep and breathe rock.  I like it, like I said before, that was the first music I grew up on and the first bands I was into but I’m into Country, Hip Hop, all of that stuff.  The girls in TIGHT are rock and roll girls, seriously talented and seriously rock and everyone who sees them, myself included, are just captivated by their sincerity and their performance.  If you go see them live it is clear how much they love performing together.  I think that’s important too.  It’s one thing to have good music but you also have to have that “it” factor in order to really have people be interested and enticed by it.   So we just want to keep going forward, more shows, more songs up on iTunes and even more filming.  It would be great to get picked up on cable, it’s really hard, only one in 500 television shows gets picked up for a pilot.  It’s really difficult to do but we’re gonna keep trying because it’s such a great concept that eventually someone’s pick it up.  I have faith.

LRI:  It’s a genius concept.  Hot pornstars with musical talent and a sexy manager.  You deserve some sort of award.  Let’s talk again when your own album is ready!

Bree:  Thank you!  Definitely.




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