LRI’s Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2013

LRI’s Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2013
February 21, 2013 | By More

LRI’s Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2013
By Robert Porter and John Parks

We’re a few months into 2013 at this point and we’ve already seen the release of a several notable albums. Hatebreed’s “The Divinity of Purpose” released in late January. The album had all of the unbridled animosity that you’d expect from a Hatebreed album and debuted at number 20 on the Billboard Top 200, their highest position ever. On February 5th we saw the release of Coheed and Cambria’s “The Afterman: Descension.” With many other notable releases from acts like Trapt, Bullet for My Valentine and Hollywood Undead, it has already been a fun month and a half for fans of rock music.

What is there left to look forward to in 2013? Quite a lot, as there are actually several huge rock albums seeing release in the months to come. We here at LRI are taking a look at some of our most anticipated albums of the year. After examining these albums you’ll know exactly why they should be on your radar.

Sevendust: “Black out the Sun”

Sevendust has been one of the hardest working bands in rock and roll for a long time now. They’ve toured the country relentlessly, both headlining tours of their own and being in support of some of rock’s biggest names. “Black out the Sun” marks the release of their ninth studio album. This is a feat worthy of praise for a band who has always seemed on the cusp of great success, but winds up still hovering around as a mid-level rock act.

Fans of the band know how brilliant their music can be. The combination of heavy rock riffs and the smooth, melodic voice of front man Lajon Witherspoon is a winning combination. They’re a band that can kick your teeth in on one track and then force you to feel some poignant emotions on the next. The contrast between the sound and the raw emotions provided by the vocals has made them in a staple in active rock radio.

What is most exciting about the new record is that it is said to have a feel that is similar to the band’s second and third records. As good as recent releases have been albums like “Home” and “Animosity”will always have a special place in their fan’s hearts. If they’ve gotten back to the vibes that made them such a buzz-inducing up and coming band back then, chances are “Black out the Sun” is going to be a very special record. The first single off of the album, “Decay,” has been released, so give it a listen and judge for yourself how the tone of the new record is shaping up. “Black out the Sun” releases on March 26th and is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Soilwork: “The Living Infinite”

Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork have been hard at work on their new double album “The Living Infinite.” Set to release on March 5th in North America, the album features twenty completely new tracks from the band. Most interesting about this album is that it hits on new themes that Soilwork hadn’t touched upon previously. Soilwork’s lead singer, Bjorn “Speed” Strid, has talked about writing his lyrical themes with existentialism in mind. He wanted to write about problems that you think about in your mind but that you can never truly get the answer to.

The new music sounds heavy and intense. They’ve already released their first single off of the album entitled “This Momentary Bliss.” Soilwork’s signature sound is present, with fast-paced guitar riffs and the unique vocal styling’s of Speed. Soilwork has been a favorite amongst metal circles for their memorable riffs and catchy hooks. With what is really two albums worth of content available in one tidy package, fans of the band have cause to be excited. Give the new single a listen and prepare to blast this one loud and proud in your car for many months to come.

Black Sabbath: 13

This may be one of the more controversial entries into the most anticipated albums list. Black Sabbath is a legendary band that any rock fan worth their salt is willing to give props to. After many years Sabbath is getting back into the studio to record a new album with Ozzy Osbourne taking care of the lead singing duties. The controversy comes from original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward not being involved with the project.

Admittedly, it would have been great to see the original members of Black Sabbath all get on the same page to produce a new album. Many thought the album may never happen after Tony Iommi’s health took a turn for the worse in his battle with cancer. At this point, the album has been recorded and is slated for a June 2013 release date. The title of the record may change if the band can get their creative juices flowing, as Geezer Butler has gone on record saying it is just supposed to be a placeholder title. Whether or not all Sabbath fans see this as a true new Sabbath record, it is still a high profile release. It will garner a lot of attention in the rock community, and if even for pedigree alone it is worth keeping on your radar. Will the new Sabbath album, the first Sabbath has recorded together sober; still have some of the old magic? It won’t be too much longer and you can see for yourself.

Alice in Chains: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Very few people thought that Alice in Chains would make a comeback on the scale that they did. After the tragic death of Layne Staley in 2002, the band’s future seemed nonexistent. In 2009 the band made their comeback with “Black Gives Way to Blue.” It was a great record that captured the feeling of Alice in Chains in such a way that people thought impossible with Layne. Perhaps no one could have guessed that William DuVall would fit into the band as well as he did.

After the commercial and critical success of their 2009 release, Alice in Chains does have a hard act to follow. Certainly the pressure is nowhere near as immense as it was to return after a hiatus of several years due to the death of a key band member. So far the new album is shaping up to be true to the form of the last album. They’ve already released the first single and made a music video for it. The song “Hollow” has all of the Alice in Chains brooding vocals that you could expect. The full album should be out in May as long as things continue as planned. With a title like “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” how could you not be interested?

Killswitch Engage: Disarm the Descent

Killswitch Engage’s latest effort, “Disarm the Descent” is going to be available on April 2nd. This marks the first album that original lead singer of Killswitch Engage, Jesse Leach, has recorded with the band since their very first album. The Killswitch faithful are glad to have Jesse back after Howard Jones decided to leave the band in January 2012.

Fans of the band that are more familiar with Jones work with Killswitch Engage may be coming into this album with trepidation. Jones was a great singer who had a unique presence and an unmistakable voice. Although there are always going to be those fans that miss Howard, Jesse Leach fits in great and works particularly well with Adam D. The two teamed up on a different project not long ago called Times of Grace and the results were brilliant. The new Killswitch Engage single, “In Due Time” should put to rest any doubts fans have about the album. From listening to the single, it sounds like the band had a great time recording this new record and we are all going to be in for a treat in April.

These are just some of the great rock albums slated for release in 2013. This year is looking to be a great one for rock and roll. There are many albums that are supposed to be released this year that we don’t have significant information about as far as release dates are concerned. Queens of the Stone Age are recording a new album with Dave Grohl on the drums. Judas Priest, Pearl Jam and even Motley Crue are supposed to have upcoming albums that many are excited about as well. LRI will keep an ear to the ground for information on all of the upcoming big releases, but for now just know that 2013 has the potential to be a resurgent year for rock. —Robert Porter, LRI Feature Contributor


I am looking forward to a few of the same albums on Robert’s list, the new Queens of the Stone Age definitely being one of them.  It also reportedly features Elton John (NOT on a ballad) and I prefer Dave Grohl kicking ass on drums more than playing guitar and singing in Foo Fighters.   It should be great.  Also, Dave Grohl’s soundtrack album for the movie “Sound City” which is going to feature Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick and Paul McCartney from this band called The Beatles.

Also, as a fan of everything Black Sabbath has ever recorded I am looking forward to 13 and hope it’s called that.  If Sabbath could make good albums with only one original member it can sure as hell make a good album with 3 original members.  I am still holding out hope that it will all fall apart and Tony and Geezer reunite with Vinnie Appice and Tony Martin for a new version of “Heaven & Hell”.   I was one of those people who was really impressed with the last Alice In Chains record so, I too look forward to hearing “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”. 

Robert is also right that this year is set to really be a resurgent year for rock album releases.  Maybe the industry isn’t as dead as it’s been pronounced because labels and artists seem more determined than ever to keep on releasing albums.  I know the title of this article is MOST anticipated albums but I am pretty equally excited about all of them so here’s a haphazard list of the ones on my editorial radar for various reasons along with the limited amount I actually know about them.

Volbeat’s “Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies” is coming out April 9th and it is the first album this year that I am running out to buy (on vinyl ) the day it comes out.  Rob Caggiano of Anthrax producing and taking on guitar duties full time in Volbeat says one thing; the greatest current band in rock and metal just upped their game.  Their upcoming tour with Danko Jones is shaping up to be a sold-out ticket and this album is on the VERY top of my personal list of must have releases.  The very 1st trailer leading up to its release can be viewed HERE:

Bon Jovi is putting out an album called “What About Now”.  Will it be a fun filled return to the days of “7800” or “Slippery When Wet”?  By now you should know it won’t be.  Sigh.

Queensryche will be releasing their as of yet untitled new album with NEW vocalist Todd LaTorre which is being produced by Mindcrime engineer Jimbo Martin.  With the fanbase of Queensryche seemingly split between the band fronted by longtime vocalist Geoff Tate (featuring the Sarzo brothers and Simon Wright) and the one with the other 3 remaining original members all eyes will be on this release.  They have issued a tiny teaser of the recording and it does sound metal.  Having said that, it also doesn’t feature any song credits from DeGarmo/Tate so it will be interesting to see if it’s any good.

Skid Row“United World Rebellion – Chapter 1” is coming out on April 16th on Megaforce records.  If it’s anything like their first album with Johnny Solinger on vocals “Thickskin” it will rock.  Listen to Sample of their first single “Kings Of Demolition“, below.   Incidentally, former front man Sebastian Bach has a new live CD/DVD called ABACHalypse Now coming out on Frontiers,  jam packed with all those Skid Row classics he doesn’t want anyone to ask him about anymore.

“Kings Of Demolition”audio sample  

World With Heroes-40th Anniversary KISS Tribute/Benefit album is a project that is actually being put together by our journalist friend Mitch Lafon and a million hard rock stars.  It is going to benefit cancer hospice care and is already slated to feature members of Pantera, Guns N Roses, Cinderella, Doro, Tesla, Firehouse, L.A. Guns and a host of others.  You can get a copy of the album or a host of other awesome gifts from the participating artists by donating here:

Phil Anselmo and The Illegals album comes out this year and it’s called “Walk Through Exits Only”.  This is going to be very interesting to hear.  The tracks Phil put out as part of a split release with Warbeast  were on a lot of people’s playlists and it goes without saying that a lot of those same people are stoked to hear this.  I’m kind of hoping its full of some aggro middle finger rock.

Stryper are really busy this year, putting out TWO albums in 2013 in addition to a new solo album from Michael Sweet.  I have heard the re-recorded classics album, “Second Coming” which comes out Mar. 26th .  It features two strong new tracks and it is way better than I thought it would be.  The old songs sound crisper (particularly the stuff from “Yellow and Black Attack” and “Soldiers Under Command”) and a little heavier.  The new album shouldn’t be ready until late 2013 but figures to be as awesome as most of their stuff is.

Speaking of Michael Sweet, according to George Lynch, T&N has been hard at work on their follow up album  T&N 2.  They want to get it out in time to go on a run of dates.  I’m not sure if it will be Mick Brown or Brian Tichy drumming on the album or the tour but I know Michael Sweet is going to be performing a bulk of the Dokken material live and may be on the second album.  They also said that Sass Jordan might make an appearance as well.

Death Angel were already talking about how excited they were about recording their new album on Nuclear Blast when they were opening the Testament/Anthrax dates this past fall.  They also have a movie called “Thrashumentary” which sounds really cool.  2013 should be a good year for these guys, they deserve it.

Anthrax“Anthems”  …I reviewed it…it seriously rocks.  Hopefully the band stops touring long enough to record the full length follow up to their amazing “Worship Music” album. READ REVIEW HERE

Dean Ween, formerly of Ween (duh) is supposedly working on a new album to be released this year produced by Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.  Ween was eclectic as fuck but also one of the best live bands ever and their breakup just sucks but this is very promising.  Speaking of eclectic….

David Bowie is putting out a long awaited new album called “The Next Day” and you just never know what is up the dude’s sleeve, he is a music legend with few peers.  The “Where Are We Know” single is moody and dreamy and he could be getting set to put out another interesting album.

Avenged Sevenfold is one of those bands who have recorded enough great songs over the years to make me forget about the ones that did nothing for me.  Supposedly the guys in AV7 will have something out and get back out on the road.  The last album didn’t hit me too much but I am never writing them off.

H.I.M.-  These guys are another band from Sweden that has released enough great material to always warrant a listen.  They have a new album coming called “Tears on Tape” and the title implies it could be another moody yet hard rocking affair from a band that knows what it does best at this point.

Carcass, first album in FOREVER from the friggin death/thrashcore legends is supposedly on its way.  It’s always nice to be able to say, “Hey, I’m going down to the store to buy the new CARCASS album”.  Hope it rocks.

Amon Aramath is another heavy, legendary band who are actively readying an album.  The sinister Swedes on Metal Blade will be putting out their 9th album this summer and a shitload of people are excited about it.  I am interested.

The Black Crowes have reunited and are ready for 2013 with a new live album titled ‘Wiser for the Time’ on March 19 via Silver Arrow/Megaforce Records. It will be available as download, CD or get this….as a four-album vinyl collection. The set consists of 26 songs –15 of which feature acoustic arrangements, while the other 11 are electric versions.  Live shit is what the Crowes do best.

Rival Sons, “Head Down”, March 5th on Earache Records.  Rival Sons are huge in Europe and have managed to keep a low profile here in their homeland.  Look for that to change with their seriously swinging, classic sounding new album “Head Down” and look for a new interview with them here in the coming weeks.

Great White (the Kendall/Desbrow/Lardie version) are releasing two albums technically in the coming weeks 30 years, Live From The Sunset Strip ( Frontiers Records) and a drastically remixed version of their latest album, Elation.  I have heard them both and they both sound good.  I am partial to the LIVE album for two reasons, first because I think Mark Kendall is one of the most fun guitarists to listen to when cutting loose onstage and second because it actually sounds like a real live album.

Tracii Guns League of Gentleman have recorded what amounts to a double album and are said to be readying it for a release very soon.  I have heard some of this material including a song called “Jealous Of The Rain” which is probably the best ballad Tracii has ever played on.  The band’s aim was to make an album that sounded straight out of the mid-70s and it seems they’ve achieved that.  Good to see him taking risks, he’s always been one of the best guitarists of our generation. READ OUR RECENT INTERVIEW WITH TRACII, HERE

Heaven and Earth, the band’s new album featuring longtime tasty guitarist Stuart Smith and Chuck Wright  (Quiet Riot, Guiffria) is called “Dig” it features guest spots from Howard Leese of Heart and Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi and it’s pretty damn good.  If you like extremely well played classic AOR ish type rock you will love it for sure.

Deep Purple have set the target date of April 26th to release their new album in 2013 according to their website and other sources.  For a band that could easily just sit back and count the cash from touring it is nice to see the fire still burns in the guys.  If you’re not interested in what names like Airey, Gillan, Glover, Morse, and Paice can come up with, then you may have just given up on rock altogether.

King Diamond is going to put out a new album this year.  I can’t shut up about how much I loved his appearance on That Metal Show and I am excited to hear what the Danish prince of darkness comes up with.

Saxon has a new album coming out called “Sacrifice”.   It is already done and was just pushed back a bit.  If you read my interview with Biff last year you know that I am a moron who has just recently gotten into the band on their 100th album.  I think their last album “A Call To Arms” kind of revitalized them a bit and am looking forward to this one as well.

GWAR will finally be releasing their new album with their new guitarist, Pustulus Maximus and Oderus told me it is the best album he has ever written.  The metal world better be ready to die.

Rob Zombie has been saying he really digs his band and people are stoked about his picking up music again after completing the movie “Lords Of Salem”.  I am most stoked about the reported album title “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor”.  With a title like that it’s sure to contain another classic or two, right?

Six Feet Under have a new album coming out this year called “Unborn”.  If you are at all into seriously heavy music you already knew this.  Of all the ridiculous quirks of any of the death metal/thrashcore/grindcore  bands there are a few names to remember.  Six Feet Under is one of them.

Hardcore Superstar’s “C’mon Take On Me” is supposed to come out this year but I only know that because I google like a motherfucker.  For a band as good as Hardcore Superstar they sure suffer from a serious lack of press and visibility here in the states (just like Danko Jones).  Hell, you might not have even heard of em and I wouldn’t blame you.  But they’re good.

Joe Satriani is supposed to be making an album.  I could never, ever, ever get into Chickenfoot and I am not sure why.   Part of it probably has to do with the fact that I like Joe Satriani solo so I am hoping this comes out.

Slayer or should that be typed “SLAAAYERRRR!!!” is still working on the follow up to “World Painted Blood” and according to Kerry King it will be featuring  songs like “Implode” and “Chasing Death”.  They’re being held up by a number of issues, first and foremost the fact that guitarist Jeff Hanneman is still trying to recover from a flesh eating bacteria disease.  I could make some dumb, obvious joke here but I won’t cause Jeff is a cool guy and I am seriously rooting for him.

AC/DC is probably not going to get their album out this year but it’s a possibility according to Angus Young.  Who knows when the next album/tour will be their last?  Keep an eye on them.

Exodus is out cutting people’s heads off and ignoring my requests for interviews on the latest, never-ending run of Anthrax dates.  They are also supposedly readying an album for release this year.  Gary Holt has been busy as hell doing Exodus and also helping out Slayer due to the whole flesh eating bacteria thing.  Anytime a thrash icon releases an album, I am all ears.

Megadeth  has already announced that they have emancipated themselves from an vaguely unhealthy relationship with Roadrunner Records and have a new album called “Super Collider” ready.  As good as “Thirteen” was there was always the feeling that they were wanting to get it out there in order to release another monster of an album.  I think this album is going to kick your whole family’s ass.

Limp Bizkit  might be the butt of a million people’s jokes but millions more were buying their albums not too long ago.  They have a new one called “Stampede of the Disco Elephants” that is supposed to be out soon and from what I understand Brian “Head” is working with the Korn guys again and they are also on the radar for a possible late 2013 album.  It’s a 90s thing.

Suicidal Tendencies have always been a favorite of mine and it has been a while since I have seen them live or had the pleasure of picking up a new album from them.  2013 may be the year to pledge your allegiance.

Pearl Jam is supposedly putting out a new album when they’re not busy playing massive sold out concerts at places like Wrigley Field in Chicago.  I really don’t like them at all but I watched their movie “Twenty” and got all nostalgic for Mother Love Bone.  I wish someone would find a lost album from them instead.

Sixx A.M. and Motley Crue have both been rumored to be writing or recording new material this year.  I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath for it coming out anytime soon but I did like the “Sex” single last year from Motley and the band was the best I had ever seen them live.  I really hope any album Nikki is involved in doesn’t feature outside writers but that is probably unrealistic.

Ghost is said to be releasing an album called “Infesttissumam” this year on a new label formed by one of the dudes who used to head up Warner Brothers.  These cloak wearing faceless bastards got a lot of press out of their last satanic metal meets the Doors album.  I, along with a lot of other people, thought they were on to something.  Keep an eye on them.

Legendary rapper DMC (of Run-DMC) talked to us for an upcoming interview about his new book and an as yet untitled new album which features a shitload of rock stars making guest appearances including but not at all limited to Mick Mars of Motley Crue.  Speaking of cool rappers I like Ghost face Killah from Wu-Tang has an album called “12 reasons to die” on the horizon and supposedly a newly religious EMINEM is hard at work on his latest and planning on getting it out later this year.

Goo Goo Dolls are coming out with a new album called “Magnetic”.  I still remember their Metal Blade awesomeness and always hold out hope that I might like their new albums.  They were great.

King Kobra is putting out the follow up to their excellent self-titled album on Frontiers Records this summer, featuring Paul Shortino again on vocals.  I have an interview with Carmine Appice coming up and according to him the new album is amazing and is called “King Kobra 2 “ titled that way “To confuse everyone”.  Carmine is a character.

So having said ALL that, what are YOUR most anticipated albums yet to be released this year?????—John Parks, Editor/Senior Writer, LRI



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  1. paul davies says:

    For me , i guess the Sabbath and Purple albums mainly. Of course AC/Dc as well. The Bowie one sounds interesting but i preferred his early stuff…..ziggy etc !! For a laugh – our little S African band plans a release this year – but then us SA boys dont get that coverage !! anyway , for whats its worth – Reason Machine album this year !! hahahaha

  2. Mike E. says:

    I think you have missed some upcoming releases. I think the date is 3/15/2013…Jimmy Hendrix will be releasing a lost release CD.

    Crash Diet will be releasing a new CD, and Tony Harnell and Bumblefoot are releasing an EP

  3. A_ says:

    HIM it’s a band from finland u stupid fuck…