Book Review- Angels With Dirty Faces by Kelly Garni- Shamrock Productions

Book Review-  Angels With Dirty Faces by Kelly Garni- Shamrock Productions
March 8, 2013 | By More

Upon looking over Kelly Garni’s new book, Angels With Dirty Faces, it is apparent that there is a lot of information to take in; 502 pages of informative, adventurous, and nail-biting fun in total.  It features never before seen photos and stands as a fascinating read for die-hard fans of Randy Rhoads, Quiet Riot or hard rock/heavy metal in general. Written in an informal, tough and conversational manner, the book is incredibly easy to read, taking us from one vignette and musical adventure to another.

One of many rare shots in “ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES” of Kelly and Randy’s childhood beginnings that led to the formation of QUIET RIOT

Classic shot of Quiet Riot in Kelly’s book contributed by band photographer Ron Sobol, from left, Kelly Garni, Randy Rhoads, Kevin Dubrow and Drew Forsyth

Told from the perspective of a founding member and original bassist for one of the most legendary heavy metal bands to ever come out of L.A., QUIET RIOT, Kelly Garni shares insight and perspective that only a person in those positions can give.  In Garni’s words, the book  is about “my friendship with Randy (Rhoads) and what came along with it. The trials & tribulations, struggles & battles both personal & professional of growing up in the Hollywood Music Scene of the 70’s, trying to make a dream come true . . . to be rock stars . . . the laughter & tears, the trouble we got into & out of, the bands we formed together – before, during & after Quiet Riot.  The climb from bottom to top & Beyond. This book holds back little . . . But I’ll tell you this, in your hands you hold my life, the way I remember it. I hope it teaches you something about life, and death.”

Kelly Garni and Frankie Banali who contributed the foreword to the book.

Classic Ozzy-era shot of Randy that our West Coast photographer Jack Lue contributed to the book!

Raw, gritty, and very painfully honest, this book pulls no punches or sugarcoats any stories about Kelly, Randy or the late, great Kevin Dubrow.  It was what it was, making it what it is today: a story by a friend, about his friends, for friends . . . and fans.  Oh, and a very cool forward provided by the current keeper of the Quiet Riot flame, Frankie Banali which really kicks the book off with a huge bang of an endorsement.

Not wanting to give away too many spoilers, let’s just say this book places you smack dab in the decadent late 70s  Southern California.  It was the Rodney Bingenheimer, Starwood- era and a time where Kelly and Randy started following their dreams.  Those dreams change in unforseen ways and you are there through the life and career twists of Kelly, Randy and Kevin in the 80s, ultimately documenting the  gut-wrenching pain of losing two best friends who also happened to be bandmates.  If you’re into heavy metal, Quiet Riot, Randy Rhoads or just love reading an honest- to- god, personally written autobio, you’ll definitely want to get your copy of this insider’s account of one of the most prolific guitarists – and bands – in the history of music.—–Randy Patterson

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  1. JOHN SHOCK says:

    As a musician, and friend of musicians, came that goal of being the best. Then came sore fingers , sour tones and lost memories. Kelly Garni absorbed, co-created, and befriended was the untimlely losses of sharing a bass note with Randy. I am an established guitar player and would have severed some fingers just to strum an A chord with Randy. The Rhoads familly, especially Delores, when I was ten years old and my father worked the summer in Cali, I was treated to music lessons with Mrs Rhoads; summer I will never forget. To Kelle, Kelly- you nailed it ! LOVE YOU BROTHER!!

  2. Tami Forward says:

    You Rock …Great Review John!!!

  3. Jett says:

    This is the Rhoads Bible from the person who knew Randy best.Kelly You Rock!!!