That Metal Show’s Jennifer Gottlieb shoots on fitness, her background and looking hot in cut up t-shirts

That Metal Show’s Jennifer Gottlieb shoots on fitness, her background and looking hot in cut up t-shirts
July 25, 2013 | By More

Jennifer Gottlieb is known to most hard rock and metal fans as “Miss Box Of Junk” on VH1 classic’s long running TV series That Metal Show. When we interviewed the shows co-hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamison and Jim Florentine they really didnt give us too much information on Jen other than agreeing that she definitely knows how to fill out a pair of skintight black leather pants. Do a little digging on Jen via google and you will find out there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. Season 12 of the show is already in the books and I finally tracked down Jen to talk with LRI. It turns out, Jennifer not only looks better in a cut off t-shirt, but is also more than capable of giving the guys a run for their money in the interview department, read on…. ( lead photo by David Teng Photography)

Legendary Rock Interviews:  Hi Jennifer. We’ve talked to all the TMS guys but haven’t spoken to you yet so thank you for taking some time out for us. How has the reaction been so far in regards to the new shows airing?

Jennifer Gottlieb: This season TMS made some pretty big changes. Our producers wanted to freshen things up to deliver a new and improved show for our fans. We have an awesome new set and some new segments. Most of the feedback that I have heard has been overwhelmingly positive. However, whenever you change something that has been the same for years, there are going to be some people that don’t embrace it. Some fans were dissapointed that TMS top 5 is not at the top of every episode anymore, and some commented on missing the old set. Everyone has different taste, and you can’t please everyone.


LRI: You are of course most known as Miss Box Of Junk but your background indicates a number of different skills including personal training, acting and other talents. I saw your highlight reel from your appearance as Linda (“”Aunt Linda a Bitch””) in Wedding Singer and you sing great. Was that fun and is it true that you can also do a killer Britney Spears impression?

Jennifer: Playing Linda in The Wedding Singer was a dream come true for me. It was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life! It is true that I do a pretty good Britney Spears impression. I actually did it in my That Metal Show audition, and I think it scored me the role.

LRI: Personal training has got to be fulfilling in terms of helping clients reach goals. Have you ever had any fitness conversations with any of the TMS guys or guests??

Jennifer: I absolutely love being a personal trainer! Eddie has been on a weight loss journey, so sometimes we will talk shop. I currently train Jim Norton 3 days a week in New York. We blast Black Sabbath during our workouts!


This photo and header photo by David Teng Photography

LRI: Other than eating high protein and drinking lots of water, what serious piece of free advice could you give to our readers who really want to gain control over their health after a lapse in healthy living??

Jennifer: When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, my best advice is quite simple. Eat clean and move more. What I mean by eating clean is cutting processed, packaged foods from your diet, and replacing them with real foods that come from the earth (like lean protein, whole grains, fruits, veggies and nuts). The obesity epidemic in this country is happening because most Americans sit all day in front of a computer or television and eat processed foods full of sugar. Try to incorporate more movement into your day. Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from the entrance so you have to walk, or just taking a walk around the block after dinner. Incorporating little changes like these into your every day life will pay off!!


LRI: How was your childhood? Where did you grow up and how soon did you start hamming it up, being onstage and being the center of attention?

Jennifer: I was hamming it up from the moment i came out of the womb! I was born in Chicago, but my family moved to south Florida when I was in first grade. I started singing and dancing when I was in diapers. Literally.

LRI: Some people on the internet have called your hard rock or metal fandom into question. Of course most girls dont strictly listen to metal but we’re gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say you DO like some metal. What bands do you enjoy most and have you grown to find new favorites since becoming a regular on TMS?

Jennifer: People may still say this because when I was first cast on TMS, I did not know much about heavy metal. However, I had just come off of playing Linda on tour where I used Lita Ford as my inspiration for the character. I LOVED warming up to “kiss me deadly” backstage. Being on TMS has opened me up to the amazing world of metal, and I have fallen in love with it. There is nothing better than blasting some Metallica, Sabbath, Poison and Guns and Roses during a hard workout!


LRI:  How do people generally react when they recognize you on the street or at the gym and do you enjoy meeting fans??

Jennifer: I am usually shocked when people recognize me. It doesn’t happen often because I look much different at the gym in a pony tail and no make up then I do all vamped up on the show. I get a huge kick out of it when it does happen though. I LOVE meeting our fans! Everyone I have met has been really great, and only has wonderful things to say about TMS. We have very loyal fans, and this is why we are 12 seasons strong.

LRI: I know you love your job at VH1 but must ask. What is the most frustrating thing about working on TMS? Dealing with technical issues, the long wait between seasons or something else?

Jennifer: Probably how cold they keep the set. I am always freezing! I had to start keeping a space heater in my green room.

LRI:  We’ve seen your t shirt cutting skills in action (See Video Below) and you definitely look hot in those shirts and tight black pants but we wanna ask….are there any particular items from wardrobe that you’ve really liked and kept to actually wear out to shows or a night out??

Jennifer: Thank you! I really enjoy preparing all of my shirts for each season. Leather pants and high heal boots are staples in my winter wardrobe. I have absolutely worn a few of my cut up tops out! They are too fun not to!


LRI: Thanks again for talking with us Jennifer. What else is on your horizon for the rest of 2013 and where can people keep up with all of your latest happenings???

Jennifer: I just finished designing my new website. Fans will be able to receive a weekly newsletter from me that has everything from healthy eating tips, to my top metal workout playlists. I also offer personalized online coaching plans, and an online workout video series is on the horizon! Keep checking the website for all kinds of fun stuff!  I do speaking engagements and appearances as well. Fans can keep in touch with me on Facebook: , Twitter: @jenniferleahg and Instagram: jenleahgottlieb


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  1. Monte says:

    Proud of you Jenny! Great interview. And you’re doing great on TMS! Best of luck, you’ve got a bright future!