‘From Black To Light’ by Steve Black (Book Review)

‘From Black To Light’ by Steve Black (Book Review)
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‘From Black To Light’ by Steve Black (Book Review)

Many people outside of the Detroit area wont recognize the name, but it’s a name worthy of knowing. That name is Steve Black. A well-known Rock radio DJ at Detroit’s WRIF-FM, host of his own syndicated guitar driven radio show ‘The Chop Shop‘, Founder of the Sabrina Black Foundation and now Author. From the moment I picked up his new book, ‘From Black To Light‘, I couldn’t put it down.

From Black To Light (Back Cover)

Back cover of “From Black To Light”. Photo by Scott Legato/Assisted by Marc Nader

Steve’s life has been a very interesting one with more ups and downs than the hotel bed in Vince Neil’s sex tape (and if you’ve seen the tape, you know what I’m saying). He touches on his life growing up in Flushing, Michigan to his travels through Europe after high school where he first fell in love, lived in hostiles and traveled to see Rock concerts in places and in ways most of us could only dream of and probably never be brave enough to pursue. Knowing all the while that his dream was to someday be involved with music.

Black was a man on a mission, determined to make his dreams come true. This book is the story of how all of that DID come true. He shares his stories of working for various Detroit area radio stations including one where he sat alongside the often crazy and sometimes sweet (who knew?), Ted Nugent. He shares stories of falling in love with the woman who would eventually become his first wife, Sabrina. He shares their fight together as Sabrina battled Hodgkins Lymphoma throughout their entire marriage, which I read through tear-filled eyes. Sharing with us the sadness and despair he felt when she lost her battle and how eventually, he found a way to pick himself up and continue on with this crazy thing we call “LIFE”.  Whether it be turning  ‘The Chop Shop’ into a success or falling in love again and introducing us to his current wife, Gina… every page holds your attention and has you rooting for him. Black also includes many personal and entertaining stories and interviews from the Rock royalty he has encountered over the years working in radio. Some of them who he now calls friends… Steve Vai, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Zakk Wylde, Slash and Joe Satriani, just to name a few.

Steve Black w/ Zakk Wylde

Steve Black w/ Zakk Wylde – November 2011.

This book is Steve Blacks story of life. Yes, his life.. but a story of passion, dreams, love, sadness and Rock and Roll for all of us. If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear (or a thousand) and leave you feeling cleansed in the end, I recommend this one. If you grew up or live around the Detroit area, it’s definitely a must!

Jenn Golabek


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