Ted Nugent Shoots On New Deluxe CD/DVD, Sober Living, U.S. Military and More!

Ted Nugent Shoots On New Deluxe CD/DVD, Sober Living, U.S. Military and More!
October 14, 2013 | By More

Ted Nugent is never at a loss for words and never in need of sheer volume; he’s had both by the truckload since the late sixties and 2013 finds Uncle Ted as convicted and driven as ever.  October 22nd, is a big day for longtime fans of the Motor City Madman as Nugent is releasing “Ultralive Ballisticrock”, a 2 CD + DVD collection of Ted and his much-heralded recent touring band in top form.  Ted’s a busy guy, encompassed with all things rock and roll, hunting and politics but found some spare time to put up with some of my questions about his latest offering, the troops, his hobbies and more, read on….

Legendaryrockinterviews: Thanks for talking with us Ted, you are indeed a legend and it’s a pleasure to see you still doing things your way after all these years.

Ted Nugent: Thank you, but not as much of a pleasure as it is being me. There is no Plan B!

LRI: You’ve been a part of live albums and live concert video releases before but it sounds like your latest cd/dvd release is a pretty big package.  What do you think people are going to appreciate most when they pick up the new Ted on Oct. 22?


Ted Nugent: My bands forever have been dreambands for any guitar player, but Mick, Greg and Derek bring such a ferocious throttle and soulful authority to my amazing songs that it would be criminal to not share it with the world. There simply is no tighter more passionate band on earth and people will be reminded that the ultimate American Dream is putting your heart and soul into everything you do to be the absolute best that you can be. My boys personify this indefatigable spirit and attitude. My songs and concerts are just more fun than any others.

LRI:  The lineup on this particular show is top notch and features fan favorite Derek St. Holmes.  You’ve seen many bands tinker with lineups and know a lot about chemistry.  What is most important to you about the guys who make up your band on a nightly basis, what expectations do you have?

Ted Nugent: I have forever surrounded myself with gungho, ass kicking dedicated professionals who put their heart and soul into being the very best that they can be every song, every lick, every jam, every concert every night, just like their boss. There is no list of jobs these Americans are not willing to do, and we sure as hell would never give up looking for work. My team personifies the American Dream of being the best that you can be and being as productive as humanly possible, and then some.

Ted Nugent Performing in Detroit Rock City, August 2013

Ted Nugent and Derek St. Holmes performing in Detroit Rock City, August 2013

LRI:  You recently offered free tickets to the military who would like to check out your show and you have always worn your heart on your sleeve in terms of your political beliefs.  Do you think enough artists are cognizant about the struggles soldiers face or of the need to speak up about the troops or their country?

Ted Nugent: This sacred and unprecedented experiment in self-government demands by all intellectual considerations individual nonstop activism, genuine participation by all Americans. Hero warriors of the US Military are sacrificing their lives for the US Constitution and The American Way, while sheep bend over and welcome the criminal scam artists of the Obama regime to dismantle the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind. I refuse to bend over, and fight daily with all I got to pay back the warriors who give so much.

LRI:  You go way back with another band known for doing a lot for armed forces, my favorite band KISS and share some of Genes beliefs about drugs and alcohol.  Do you think some people feel guys like you or Gene are acting “holier than thou” or “arrogantly sober” based on your stance?

Ted Nugent: If you are stoned you could think such absurdities, but caring, educated people are more than aware of priorities and a conscientious discipline for ultimate quality of life. Clean and sober rocks. Drunk, stoned and stupid is pathetic.


LRI:  It is the understatement of the century to say you also are also a Michigan and Midwest icon.  Our page is based out of Michigan and Rockford Illinois.  Do you ever think you’ll tire of living the Midwest lifestyle or playing to the folks in the area?

Ted Nugent: Never. The love is mutual I assure you. Real music lovers know when a band puts their heart and soul into every song, every concert, every night, and my audiences know damn well no band does it better than mine. My songs are a direct result of the great MidWest shitkicker lifestyle.  We use the term BloodBrothers. We connect deeply on all the right levels.

LRI:  Last question, thanks again.  You have done extremely well with your outdoor shows, appearances and products.  So many musicians have side “businesses”, coffees, wines, clothes whatever but you are one of the first and most successful to zero in like that on a subculture.   Do you feel that your  success is directly related to your sincere passion for the subject matter?

Ted Nugent: My life is so wonderful it’s scary, so I will continue to immerse myself in my passions and those of my loved ones. My music and hunting lifestyles are as pure as life itself, sol I am very very fortunate to be able to pursue my happiness with unbridled fury forever. Everyday I wake up I realize everything I do is illegal in France, and mostly in IL. I’m going to do more of it.

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