Starlet Britney Amber talks Adult Biz, Rock and Roll, Cathouse and more

Starlet Britney Amber talks Adult Biz, Rock and Roll, Cathouse and more
December 31, 2013 | By More

Adult starlet Britney Amber just had one of the biggest years of her career this past 2013 and is one of the most recognizable names in the industry.  The ultimate California blonde is on pace to stay just as busy in 2014 with nominations for both the 2014 AVN Awards and XBIZ awards as well as a bunch of feature appearances including a run in Ohio this coming January 22-25 at Thee Diamond Lodge and Thee Diamond Royale (which I informed my wife was a perfect birthday present, we’ll see).  I had the pleasure of chit chatting with Britney about her music tastes, her upbringing and her fun in playing a huge role in the parody craze which has been sweeping adult for some time now, read on….

Legendary Rock Interviews:  I wanted to start off by asking you a little about music.  I know you, like lots of California girls, are a big Sublime fan.  I’m dating myself a bit but I remember seeing them way back when…You’re still a young thing, When did you get into the band?

Britney Amber:  I’ve been a Sublime fan since I was like 9 or 10!  That was like my first favorite band and first favorite music for sure (laughs).

LRI:  And I’m reading between the lines here that you like to smoke since one of your favorite movies back in the day was “Half Baked” (laughs)

Britney:  Yeah, I wouldn’t say my favorite but definitely one of my favorites for sure.

LRI:  Would you consider yourself a definite Cali girl?

Britney:  I was born and raised here and this is definitely my spot for sure, this is where I feel most comfortable (laughs).

LRI:  Back to music, was that a big deal to you growing up.  You were near all the clubs as a kid, did you try to go to shows as much as possible?

Britney:  When I was in High School and stuff I really didn’t get a chance to do much with people.  I wasn’t really allowed to like, hang out with friends and stuff.  I was inside all the time and couldn’t go to shit so yeah, I guess I did listen to a lot of music on my own.

LRI:  You’ve described yourself before as a bit of a loner, you spend a lot of time with yourself and have never made it a habit to have a lot of close friendships.  That makes sense to me but it’s not something a lot of people would expect to hear from an adult film star….Do you still feel that way despite having success?

Britney:  Yeah, I mean, I don’t live in that scene and I’m not the kind of person who wants to just drive out for a party for a couple hours to make the scene.  I have a lot of acquaintances obviously but I don’t have that many close friends that I stay in contact with.  Part of it is that I really don’t have a lot of time for them and it’s not really fair to them because I’m always busy anyway.


LRI:  You have a little dog named “Cowgirl” after your favorite sex position….true or false?

Britney:  True, sort of.  The real reason she’s named Cowgirl is that I had a neighbor who had a Shih Tzu from the same litter and the mom and dad dog from the breeder both had western names, the mom was Clementine and the dad was Bandit and my neighbor named their puppy “Cowboy” and my daughter was like “Oh yeah, she’s like a girl Cowboy, name her Cowgirl” so that’s really how that started.  However…..that IS also my favorite sex position (laughs) so that’s true also and that’s what I told everyone else (laughs).  That is the true story though.

LRI:  Nowadays every porn star wants to come off as super secure and stable with a perfect upbringing but you’ve talked before about how you were kind of a handful and had some problems in school and growing up, is that true?

Britney:  Yeah, I did.  I sure did.  I was expelled twice, I got my third drunk in public when I was 14, like all winners do it, right? (laughs).  I mean, I’m not gonna lie about it and act like I was a perfect kid growing up, I dropped out when I was 17 but I ended up getting my GED and going to college and all that.  Feature dancing and shooting takes up a lot of my time now so that’s not easy by any means but I’m on the right path.

LRI:  I don’t wanna make you divulge anything you don’t feel comfortable with but drunk in public three times at such a young age is a bummer for sure.  What caused the craziness so young?

Britney:  I didn’t have the greatest upbringing or sure.  I mean, to make a very long story short I had a pretty crazy childhood and a lot of people that know it all are like “Wow, I can’t believe you weren’t even crazier” so…..and then on top of that, a lot of my friends were like really bad influences and I hung out with a lot of really like, bad kids and I did everything that a typical stupid kid in that situation would do, I really did.  Me looking at it now of course, I mean, I wish I had done things a little bit differently but that’s just not how it works (laughs).  I could have made better choices and made things a lot easier, it’s not like I had a plan that me doing all this bad stuff would somehow make me turn out cooler, I definitely had no plan at all at that point.

LRI:  How early in life did you realize that you had a bit of power over people with your looks?

Britney:  (laughs)  Not in school, I will tell you that.  I don’t think I was that good looking at all in school and I certainly looked a lot different then than I do now.  I think I started noticing it when I was like 20 (laughs).  I think I was a late bloomer, I don’t know what you’d think if you saw me but I don’t think I was attractive then.

LRI:  Do you have a favorite feature, your eyes, your smile, your boobs?

Britney:  Yeah, I like my eyes and my smile.  My boobs were like a small C or a big B before I got them done and my areolas were always pretty big, I like all of those features.

LRI:  How much thought did you put into how big you wanted to go?

Britney:  Not that much thought at all.  I was just like “I wanna do this, RIGHT NOW, ASAP” (laughs).  I was set on getting like 300cc and a smaller size but I had so much extra room that they were able to sneak in like 500cc ones (laughs).  My surgeon, she gave me even bigger ones than I even asked for, wayyy bigger (laughs).  And then she told me that I should have went even bigger but I think it’s a perfectly good size, my proportions from my boobs to my hips are 36 and 36 so I’m in perfect proportion (laughs).  I like that.


LRI:  You have made a big impact doin parody movies and there is a certain amount of comedy involved there, which is fun, who are some of your favorite comedians, do you like Lisa Lampanelli?

Britney:  I love her on the roasts when she’s like just straight talking shit to people.  I really like Katt Williams, he’s really energetic and funny, Brian Regan who does super clean comedy but he’s really funny even without cuss words or anything dirty he’s still great.  I’m not really into clean comedy but I love him.

LRI:  You had a really big year and made a big dent in a short amount of time and you mentioned taking acting lessons.  Are you eyeing the mainstream?

Britney:  I don’t know, if it happens, it happens.  I’m not working that angle so to speak, I’m not ruling anything out adult-wise or changing what I do just to go mainstream or get that kind of work.  Dancing and porn is honestly what I really wanna do and anyone who knows me knows I’m gonna do what I wanna do (laughs).

LRI:  Is that also a big reason why the sex you do onscreen isn’t THAT crazy.  You are still following your own desires and doing things your way??

Britney: Yeah, I mean that and also I want longevity in the industry.  I don’t just wanna burn fast and fade away by being too visible doing everything everywhere; at the same time you’re not gonna be young and pretty forever so you have to kind of balance that.  I love the business and I wanna be able to do it as long as I can honestly, that’s the biggest thing to me.

LRI:  I know you were on the HBO show “Cathouse” back in the day when you weren’t even in porn.  It was a cool TV show for sure but how much did you actually dig working there?  I’ve talked to girls who clearly sounded like they felt bored after a while, almost to the point of depression.

Britney:  Well, first of all, I was a fan of the TV show before I even worked there so yeah, that was a cool TV show for sure.  I really thought I would be a longshot to even be on there or work there, I got ahold of Dennis Hof on myspace (laughs), remember myspace??  I figured I would never hear from him but he got back to me like 2 days later and I was like, “Oh my god, this is my dream” (laughs).  I mean, I had a lot of fun and made a lot of money but there was a lot of down time so there’s a lot of time just spent drinking or waiting and waiting….and waiting (laughs).  That boredom could kind of get depressing if you don’t know what to do with yourself or aren’t into spending a lot of time watching tv or being on the internet.  You can’t really leave or do anything, you’re kind of stuck in a room and it’s not always as fun as the TV show which was of course, all highlights and shit.  You get bored so what do you do?  You go to the bar and have drinks which becomes like ugggh, after a while, it can get monotonous and depressing.  It’s definitely nothing like living in your own space or being able to come and go as you please, it’s not like working now or dancing.

LRI:  Do you think the acting classes you’ve taken have helped you with some of the more script-driven stuff in these parodies like “Barb-Wire XXX”?

Britney:  Yeah, yeah it has.  I really didn’t know there was THAT much to acting and the truth is there is sooo much to it so yeah, it definitely helped for sure.  I got to these classes and was like, “Oh man! There’s a lot more to this acting shit than I thought” (laughs).  I just always thought that acting was a talent more than a skill, like it was something you could either just do or not be able to do at all but there’s a lot more that goes into it than that.


LRI:  I heard something about you bringing a banana into the acting class and giving some poor kid heart palpatations….(laughs)

Britney:  Yeah, that happened (laughs).  I guess I’m just not around regular people that much, I don’t know (laughs).   The class wasn’t really cooperating and sort of left it up to me so where did you expect it to go really?

LRI:  One of my favorite quotes from you had to do with how much fun you had playing the dumb blonde vampire in the BUFFY XXX parody. 

Britney:  Hell yeah!  I played Harmony, the dumb blonde vampire which I was pretty comfortable with (laughs).  The lines were sooo stupid though and I was like “wow, I can’t believe I really have to say these things” (laughs).

LRI:  Some guys have an absolute obsession with dumb blondes though…

Britney:  Yeah, because they feel like they can just get em super easy (laughs).

LRI:  Some of the parodies are more horror based like you did “Halloween XXX” and some are more action based like “Barb Wire” and obviously some are more comedy based.  Is it fun to mess with all those different styles, is it really all that much different since it all is supposed to  evolve into hot sex eventually?

Britney:  Yeah, there are definitely differences.  Like when we did “The Whores Have Eyes” which was obviously “The Hills Have Eyes”  there was all kinds of different shit shooting wise, we had all this weird makeup effects and contact lenses and shot up in the mountains and shit.  It was definitely different doing a movie with all that blood and horror effect stuff compared to some of the other parodies.


LRI:  Is that something that’s fun for you?

Britney:  It’s totally fun, it’s a lot more interesting than your average shoot for sure.  In the “SAW” parody I had my head blown off so we had like fake heads with blood all over em and all these great props and creepy lights and blood every fucking where.  There was a lot of stuff you don’t see on your average porn set.  The parodies are fuckin fun.

LRI:  Before I let you go, “Barb Wire” opened a lot of doors for you and led to a lot more bookings and appearances as “Barb Wire”.  Obviously you didn’t have to get that stupid tattoo that Pam Anderson got and you probably had a lot more fun too (laughs).  Was that one of your better career experiences?

Britney:  Yeah, for sure, and no the tattoo was a sharpie tattoo (laughs).  It was awesome to work on, I got to do all kinds of fight scenes and had real guns and all that shit so of course it was fun!   Of course it was fun playing that role, Pam Anderson was like the hottest chick in the world when I was growing up in the nineties so I was very honored to be cast in that movie, it was definitely a cool thing.

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