DVD/BluRay Review: Guns N Roses “Live at the Hard Rock Casino” (UMe)

DVD/BluRay Review:  Guns N Roses “Live at the Hard Rock Casino” (UMe)
July 1, 2014 | By More


Just released today, Guns N Roses new DVD 3d/bluray disc is definitely not your father’s Gnr video. Its been eons since the band has released an official longform video, in fact that release was the “Use Your Illusions” VHS tape. Axl, Dizzy and the new guns are presented here in high def, blazing 3d and the results are pretty cool. The video captures the band during their recent stint in Sin City at The Joint in Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas.  

Despite the looming legacy of the original lineup I find it hard to find fault with the current band or “Appetite For Democracy” which basically feels, looks and sounds like GNR on steroids. Its almost impossible to not compare the two bands but pretty insane since they are two completely different beasts that really operate under much different parameters. This DVD has a lot to offer fans of the original lineup with much of the set culled from their classic debut album as well as material from Gnr lies and the Illusions albums.  Watching that classic material performed live it strikes me just how much of a fire W. Axl Rose still has up his ass and how much those undeniably unique vocals still remain largely unchanged.

Songs like “Used to Love Her” and “Rocket Queen” explode off this bluray, sounding amazing, while the band’s stage show with the expected lights, flames and sexy dancers is dazzling enough to almost help you forget you’re not actually at a show; especially if you have a killer surround sound setup. Axl offers the individual band members tremendous chances at the spotlight, whether you’re talking about lead guitarist Ron BumblefootThal and bassist Tommy Stinson singing a lead vocal on their own originals or the memorable performance spots and instrumental interludes provided by other members of the group like guitarist DJ Ashba.

Its hard to bitch about anything here aside from minor setlist wishes (Please put “My Michelle” and “Coma” in the set again if you’re reading this Axl…lol). You could say this is a release for the new school GNR fans or fans of the new lineup obviously but one of the other attractions is seeing the band tackle the “new material” from their last album “Chinese Democracy”. The title track smokes out the gate and the band proudly plays their asses off on some of the better cuts from that somewhat underappreciated album, namely an AMAZING version of the ballad “This I Love”, which smokes. Guns and Roses 2014 is still a hot ticket and will continue to be one if this concert is any indication. The camera work and editing on “Appetite For Democracy” is stellar and fluid, this is a pleasure to watch and I love this and will watch it again. If you are a fan of the band or even mildly curious, you should check this out.

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