DVD Review- Plastic Galaxy- The Story of Star Wars Toys

DVD Review-  Plastic Galaxy- The Story of Star Wars Toys
August 26, 2014 | By More


Plastic Galaxy- The Story of Star Wars Toys

Okay, okay this is a documentary FOR Star Wars dorks BY Star Wars dorks. Lets get that out of the way. Although, I doubt you would even be reading this far into this review unless you or a loved one had some sort of passing interest in the holy trilogy. I will cut to the chase like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and bottom-line it for you, this DVD is absolutely friggin awesome!  I have watched it about three times and will watch it again because every time I view it I find something else I didn’t pay attention to or notice the last time I watched it.
The film documents the rise of the toys surrounding Lucasfilm’s creation from their most humble beginnings when the products were almost afterthoughts to the rise of Kenner Toys becoming an absolute juggernaut in the toy industry. The interviews include some pretty funny insights from Kenner creators and execs whose friends and neighbors viewed them practically as Rockstars to chats with hardcore collectors who have amassed collections featuring some of the rarest foreign variants and prototype toys around.

There are lots of bonus features and one of the most interesting was the one surrounding the proposed toys themselves. The prototypes created by designers were often pretty amazing and its interesting that some of them never made it past the starting gate like the kickass Yoda action figure case that was jettisoned for a lame-o version that was ultimately just a regular case with a Yoda decal!  There is also a nice spot on the evolution of all the different variations on the beloved lightsaber toy which is still one of the hottest selling items in the Star Wars line to this day.

This may sound totally ridiculous to you if you don’t know the difference between Admiral Ackbar and Emperor Palpatine or even R5D4 and R2D2, but this movie honestly NEEDED to be made.  You’ve gotta hand it to director Brian Stillman and his peeps at X Ray Films, they really filled that need with this DVD.  Again, it’s worth every penny and many multiple viewings.  Don’t listen to your significant other if they tell you to turn it off,  as Ackbar so famously said….”It’s a trap!”

Buy a copy of the DVD here at www.plasticgalaxymovie.com

Awesome interview with PLASTIC GALAXY director Brian Stillman below!


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