Nikki Sixx On Sixx:A.M “We laid out our souls and it connected with people around the world”

Nikki Sixx On Sixx:A.M “We laid out our souls and it connected with people around the world”
October 6, 2014 | By More

On October 7th, Sixx:A.M (featuring Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael) will be releasing their third album  “Modern Vintage”.  Later that night, the band will be performing their first concert in over 5 years.  The show will be broadcast live on iHeart Radio and select Clear Channel radio stations. Following the performance, the band will do a Q&A session to talk about their new album and to make a ‘Special Announcement’.  Later this week, Nikki hits the road again with Motley Crue for the second leg of their FINAL TOUR.  Nikki recently took time to do a short Q&A with us, to discuss the new Sixx:A.M. album, the writing process and more! Read on.

Legendary Rock Interviews: Sixx:A.M. is about to release its third album “Modern Vintage”. This is your first album that doesn’t coincide with a book release. Was the song writing for this album approached differently than the previous two?

Nikki Sixx: The hardest songs to write are the ones that sound the easiest. Great songs that influenced us when we were younger just flowed out of the radio or your speakers, they were effortless. When we began on a journey not involving any outside influence, we went straight to that well to drink. It has been the most challenging and rewarding album to work on for us.

LRI: Do you ever see Sixx:A.M. involving another producer in the recording process on future releases or do you feel all projects dealing with Sixx:A.M. should be among you three alone?

Nikki: James is the producer and we three are a band. We all have equal input, but know each other’s strengths and lean on those when writing and recording. It’s really a win-win for all of us. Being in band is about not sounding like any other band, which we do achieve.  So, I don’t see us changing anything about how the process works.

LRI: In regards to Gene Simmons recent remarks saying “Rock is Dead”, what is your reaction to that and is there a new band out there today that you think proves that rock ISN’T dead?

Nikki: Gene’s not the first to not have his finger on the pulse, and won’t be the last.  Trust me, new blood is boiling in a garage near you just waiting to be the next biggest band in the world. We need them!

LRI: Everyone is anticipating the upcoming announcement on Oct 7th regarding Sixx:A.M.’s touring plans. Once that begins, are there any plans to film a full length Sixx:A.M. show for a DVD release?

Nikki: First things first (laughs), We are beyond excited about our future together.  Creating magic in a bottle, making things up out of thin air, and just pushing into new territory with each project. We don’t feel like there is a ceiling with Sixx:A.M. is open to all areas of art to jump off of musically.

LRI: Yourself, James and DJ have always said that you didn’t intend to become a band. Yet the reaction from fans of this “band” has taken a life of its own, as opposed to a couple of your prior outside band projects. Why do you think Sixx:A.M has struck such a cord with fans?

Nikki: To be honest, we laid out our souls and it connected with people around the world. Honesty is hard for some artists… they hide their scars when truth be told, that’s what we all relate to. Our music is real and growing like us… we feel our fans are open minded and we’re in this together. We are just getting started! I am so proud to be in a band with James and DJ… they push me to be a better person, writer, lyricist and bass player.  We are friends and that is what makes us grow…that and the fact that we laugh non-stop is the perfect example of music as a labor of love.

LRI: Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A with us.

Nikki: You’re welcome


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