Album Review – Lynch Mob – Rebel – Frontiers Music srl

Album Review – Lynch Mob – Rebel – Frontiers Music srl
August 13, 2015 | By More

George Lynch returns with a new offering from Lynch Mob entitled “Rebel” with Oni Logan on vocals. Set for release on August 21st through Frontiers Music Srl, Lynch Mob’s “Rebel” an eleven song offering that will no doubt satisfy longtime fans of the sometime tumultuous Lynch/Logan collaboration. Helping round out the band in the studio are two of the best at their respective instruments, Jeff Pilson on Bass and Brian Tichy on Drums. This cast of musicians are some of the busiest on the planet so how they found time to record “Rebel” is beyond me.

The album kicks off with the rockin’ “Automatic Fix”, a lyrical tip of the hat to Rock N’ Roll. It was the first single and video released for the album. George lays down a rather lengthy yet smokin’ solo prior to the band bringing things down a bit before kickin’ back into high gear for the last forty seconds! Brian Tichy’s drumming really makes this track shine. “Between The Truth And A Lie” & “Testify” both have a harder edge to them bordering on a modern rock feel.

I’m not complaining since “Dysfunctional” is my favorite Dokken album but “Sanctuary” is eerily reminiscent in places of Dokken’s “Shadows Of Life”. Both are great songs so no complaints here. Jeff & Brian really lay down some groove on the next three tunes. “Pine Tree Avenue” is where Oni gets downright funky metal on the mic. “Jelly Roll” keeps the funk rollin’ with a electrified swampy Delta twist. Lynch Mob keeps the groove goin’ all the way to the bank with “Dirty Money”. Really digg the way Oni’s vocals were recorded for this song. It adds to the thick sonic stew that the rhythm section laid down and shows just how adventurous Lynch’s playing can get.

“The Hollow Queen” brings the tempo down showcasing the dark, haunting vibe of the tune. This track would make for a really cool video if done right. “The Ledge” is a vibey 70’s inspired track featuring some of my favorite guitar work of the album from George and classic Jeff Pilson background vocals. The groove returns in a very sludgy fashion with “Kingdom Of Slaves”. Oni’s vocals lean towards powerhouse influences such as Ronnie James Dio and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. Oni continues to show his impressive range as the album ends with the uptempo “War”.

Lynch Mob has delivered yet another fantastic album with “Rebel”. I’ve been a fan since their debut and with the exception of their Lynch Bizkit monstrosity, they’ve always delivered quality melodic hard rock. They throw in a few modern twists here and there but overall, dare I say, it is “classic” Lynch Mob. It would have been a shame with the lineup this album features if they’d delivered a stinker but the songs are excellent, the playing top notch and a tip of the hat to Oni, George, Jeff and Brian as well as the Producer, Engineer and Mixer, Chris “The Wizard” Collier on a job well done.

Lynch Mob – Rebel

Lynch Mob – Rebel
Release date – August 21, 2015
Frontiers Music Srl

Track Listing:
01. Automatic Fix
02. Between The Truth And A Lie
03. Testify
04. Sanctuary
05. Pine Tree Avenue
06. Jelly Roll
07. Dirty Money
08. The Hollow Queen
09. The Ledge
10. Kingdom Of Slaves
11. War

Oni Logan – Vocals
George Lynch – Guitars
Jeff Pilson – Bass
Brian Tichy – Drums

Produced by – Chris “the Wizard” Collier

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Lynch Mob – Automatic Fix (Music Video)

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