Album Review – Buckcherry – Rock N Roll – F BOMB Records

Album Review – Buckcherry – Rock N Roll – F BOMB Records
August 21, 2015 | By More

Buckcherry are back with their latest studio album, simply titled “Rock N’ Roll“. It will be their fifth release in a little over two years, two studio albums, two EP’s and a “Best Of”. How the band finds time to enter the recording studio considering their hectic touring schedule is beyond me. Buckcherry, much like AC/DC, are a band whose sound is consistent and you know you won’t be thrown any sizeable curveballs.

The album kicks off with the uptempo “Bring It On Back”, a song that frontman Josh Todd has stated was inspired by his passion for Go Kart racing and admiration of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. It was the first single and video released prior to the album. While it is a good rock it is probably my least favorite on the album. “Tight Pants” is an lyrical ode to women’s derrière’s that works well with the jazzy trumpets and big band swing of the music. It quickly became one of my favorite tunes on this album. “Wish To Carry On” has an anthemic quality to it with its upbeat lyrical message.

Up next, the ballad “The Feeling Never Dies” allows Josh to croon while the band lays back for sake of the vocal. My ears may be deceiving me but I’m pretty sure I hear some pedal steel and Hammond B3 flourishes. I’m usually not big on ballads but this one is so well done. In my opinion, that given a shot at radio, it could do very well for the band. “Cradle” is an interesting mix of thought provoking lyrics set to an, at times, blistering rock track. Another rocker with some crunchy chugga chugga riffage, “The Madness” is the second single and video from the album but it should have been the first single released.

Hey Beavis, Buckcherry have a song called “Wood”, huh huh! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! This is not a Greenpeace anthem or a rallying cry for tree huggers. It’s a song about the reaction a male gets to stimulation from the opposite sex…..or the same sex, whatever floats your boat! “Rain’s Falling” is a sultry Soul influenced number that could have easily been on an old Marvin Gaye album. Love the vocal delivery and bluesy guitar tones of this ballad.

“Sex Appeal” is another fast paced rocker that oozes sleaze in the vein of 70’s era Aerosmith or “Appetite For Destruction” era Guns N’ Roses. It should go over great live. “Get With It” brings the album to an rockin’ end. Speaking of the mind losing effects women can have on a man if you aren’t too careful.

With all the controversy over the state of Rock N’ Roll, many debate whether it is dead or is it alive or is it on life support? Rock N’ Roll is cyclical, it may not be the flavor of the month but in one sub-genre or another, it will never die.

Buckcherry were out to make a statement by naming their album “Rock N’ Roll”. Thankfully, they delivered an album worthy of such a title. Will the band ever reach the heights of their influences like AC/DC, Aerosmith or Guns N’ Roses? That is highly doubtful in this day n’ age of here-today-gone-tomorrow bands and trends but as long as the band exists, I have no doubt they’ll continue to put out quality Rock N’ Roll that has the swagger, sleaze & the wink of the eye their predecessors once did. That was a fun 37 minutes while it lasted leaving me thankful for the repeat button on the stereo. The album is short, sweet and to the point.

Buckcherry – Rock N Roll

Buckcherry – Rock N’ Roll
August 21, 2015 via F-BOMB Records

Track Listing:
1. Bring It On Back
2. Tight Pants
3. Wish To Carry On
4. The Feeling Never Dies
5. Cradle
6. The Madness
7. Wood
8. Rain’s Falling
9. Sex Appeal
10. Get With It
11. Cannonball*
12. I’ve Done Everything For You*

* = Best Buy ONLY Bonus Tracks

Josh Todd – Lead Vocals
Stevie D – Guitars
Keith Nelson – Guitars
Kelly Lemieux – Bass
Xavier Muriel – Drums

Produced by Keith Nelson
Mixed by Joe Barresi

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Buckcherry (L to R)
Stevie, Keith, Josh, Kelly, Xavier

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