DVD Review – Just Let Go – Lenny Kravitz Live – Eagle Rock Entertainment

DVD Review – Just Let Go – Lenny Kravitz Live – Eagle Rock Entertainment
October 25, 2015 | By More

Hard to believe it has been just over a quarter century since Lenny Kravitz burst onto the world of music and pop-culture with his critically acclaimed debut album “Let Love Rule” in 1989. Since then, Lenny Kravitz has released nine more studio albums, made tabloid headlines, become a pop-culture icon, won multiple Grammy Awards and collaborated with the likes of Madonna, Slash, Aerosmith, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Al Green & Curtis Mayfield. He even lent his talent to KISS My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved, a KISS covers album where he recorded his take of “Deuce”. Since September 2014, Lenny has released his tenth studio album, “Strut” and on October 23rd, he released his new concert film entitled “Just Let Go – Lenny Kravitz Live”.

I really dugg the selection of material Lenny performed live. I would have liked to see his version of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles “Ooo Baby Baby” on this release but other than that, it is my only gripe about the set list. The back-up singers and horn section really add to his sound and presentation. All the hits and fan favorites one would expect are here. His band is on fire are far as the performance goes.

Here is where this release loses my interest, in a major way!!! I’m not a fan of “concert films”. I prefer the live show to be just that, the live show. All the interviews, behind the scenes, rehearsal footage, etc., leave that in the bonus features, PLEASE! Or, like some “concert films”, give the viewer the option of just watching the live performance in its entirety or as a “concert film”. You don’t go to a live concert venue and see the band perform a few songs then go backstage while you watch what they do on some big screen in the venue.

Also, as a “concert film”, this felt like infomercial on how great, unique and “artistic” Lenny Kravitz is. It also came across very scripted and disingenuous! Those facts and opinions have already been established over the past 25+ years so why spend all the time and money to cram it in our eyes and ears? It is not like this release is going to introduce the world to Lenny Kravitz, if you bought this DVD/Blu-Ray, you already know who he is and you’re probably already a fan!

I digg his music but the rest was just a bunch of people, including himself, putting him over in the worst scripted way possible! I’ve seen the worst WWE programming come off less scripted than this DVD! The live portions were great but sadly, they do a song or two then infomercial then a song or two, infomercial, etc.

Just Let Go – Lenny Kravitz Live
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Just Let Go – Lenny Kravitz Live
Release Date: October 23, 2015 via Eagle Rock Entertainment

DVD & Blu-Ray

Track Listing:
1) Fly Away
2) Dirty White Boots
3) American Woman
4) Dancin’ ‘Til Dawn
5) Strut
6) It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over
7) New York City
8) The Chamber
9) Sister
10) Dig In
11) Let Love Rule
12) Are You Gonna Go My Way

Bonus Tracks:
13) Sister
14) Always On The Run
15) Sex
16) I Belong To You
17) New York City
18) Let Love Rule

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