DVD Review: Rage Against The Machine – ‘Live at Finsbury Park’ – Eagle Rock Entertainment

DVD Review: Rage Against The Machine – ‘Live at Finsbury Park’ – Eagle Rock Entertainment
November 25, 2015 | By More

Rage Against the Machine just released their latest DVD, ‘Live at Finsbury Park,’ on Blu Ray/DVD via Eagle Rock Entertainment. Released last month on October 16th, I was excited to get my copy in the mail the week it came out and have watched it a few times since. A lot of people may not realize this but Rage Against the Machine is one of my favorite bands. It was in the early 90’s that I first became a fan of theirs. After hearing their songs “Killing in the Name” and “Bombtrack” off their debut album, my interest was peaked. I was never really into anything having to do with rap, hip hop, or stuff like that, but what really drew me into them was the guitar work on it. To me, Tom Morello is one of the most innovative guitarists since Eddie Van Halen. Some of my greatest concert memories are from Rage Against the Machine. I could go on and on, but that would require that I write a book


This DVD has a really unique backstory to it. Back in late 2009, an English DJ named Jon Morter, along with his wife, Tracy, launched a successful radio campaign to get the Rage Against the Machine song, “Killing in the Name” to the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart in December 2009. That spot is usually held by pop artist winners from the TV show “The X Factor”. The campaign got the attention of the band who promised to perform a free concert in the U.K to celebrate this amazing achievement.

The free concert was held on June 6, 2010 to a crowd of 40,000 fans. The DVD features a bonus section showing behind the scenes footage of the show being setup and also has Jon Morter and his wife Tracy discussing how everything came about, including a story about how Simon Cowell from “The X Factor” called him.

I really enjoyed watching this DVD. Since the band rarely tours and no longer records new music, this is a great release and watching it reminds me why I became such a big fan of this band.  The energy shown by the band is something that a lot of other veteran live bands lack these days. Amp up and amplify!

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Rage Against the Machine:
Zack de la Rocha
Tom Morello
Tim Commerford
Brad Wilk

People Of The Sun
Know Your Enemy
Bulls On Parade
Township Rebellion
Bullet In The Head
White Riot
Guerrilla Radio
Sleep Now In The FireFreedom
Killing In The Name

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  1. Jon Morter says:

    Thanks for the review guys, it was a wild day!