Album Review – The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise – Spitfire Music – SPV Distribution

Album Review – The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise – Spitfire Music – SPV Distribution
August 2, 2016 | By More

The Dead Daisies are set to release their third album “Make Some Noise” this Friday, August 5th on Spitfire Music/SPV. It’ll be their second album with John Corabi as their lead singer. Call the band a collective or supergroup but one of the things that intrigues me is how if someone has to step away due to other committments, the band seamlessly plugs someone into that spot. Case in point, after 2015’s album and tour cycle for Revolución, guitarist Richard Fortus and keyboardist Dizzy Reed left to fulfill their committment to the reunion of Guns N’ Roses & in waltzed ex-Whitesnake axeman, Doug Aldrich. Doug has also recorded and toured with the likes of Glenn Hughes, Bad Moon Rising, Lion, Revolutions Saints & Dio.

2016’s version of The Dead Daisies is John Corabi on vocals, guitarists David Lowy and Doug Aldrich, bassist Marco Mendoza and drummer Brian Tichy. In-demand producer and musician, Marti Frederiksen handled the production duties on the album. Singer John Corabi has stated numorous times what an influence Aerosmith is on him. I wonder how much John picked Marti’s brain about his work with Aerosmith and about being a member of Steven Tyler’s solo band, Steven Tyler & The Loving Mary Band?

The Dead Daisies are currently touring overseas but return to the U.S.A. on August 10th to join up with KISS as their opening act in Green Bay, WI., GO PACK GO! SORRY, BEING A CHEESEHEAD, I COULDN’T RESIST! Tour dates will be listed below. Now, ladies and gentlemen, time to get babbling on with my review. Strap in!

John Corabi is one of my favorite lyricists because he can write fun lighthearted songs, see The Scream’s “Never Loved Her Anyway”, emotional ballads, see The Scream’s “Father Mother Son”, pissed off truth bombs (despite what that delusional revisionalist Frank Ferrano, oops, I meant the legendary Nikki Sixx says) see Motley Crue’s “Uncle Jack”, gut wrenching tear tearjerkers, see Union’s “Robin’s Song”, and thought provoking period pieces, see Union’s “No More”. “Long Way To Go” carries on his tradition of period piece lyrics. Come to think of it, this tune easily could have been titled “No More (Part Two)” as it takes an in-depth look at the world today. Brian and Marco set the tone of this groovin’ beast known as “We All Fall Down”. There is some stellar fretwork between David and Doug especially the first solo section. The choruses feature some cool vocal phrasing from Mr. Corabi. I’ve always said he could sing the phone book and keep my attention.

I LOVE the guitar tone used for the intro riff of “Song And A Prayer” that is repeated throughout the duration of the song. It really takes that riff to another level. Don’t let the tempo of the song and “cheeriness” of that riff fool ya & really pay attention to the lyrics. Coffee not strong enough? Try some “Mainline”. It’s the punk-spirited musical equivalant of jamming a syringe full of drag racing fuel into your vein of choice. One listen and you’ll be bouncing off the walls like Cornholio after eating Grandma’s pep pills in Beavis & Butt-Head Do America. “Make Some Noise” could easily replace Gary Glitter’s “Rock & Roll” as the go-to stadium/sporting event anthem. It’s fun, has a great groove, gets the head bobbin’ and feet stompin’ much like Gary Glitter’s tune but without the pedophilia!

Vocalist John Corabi has recorded at least three 80 minute cd-r’s worth of cover tunes for various projects and tribute albums since his UNION days. Hell, his voice made Jon Bon Jovi listenable and enjoyable for once when he sang the shit out of “Born To Be My Baby” for a Bon Jovi tribute album. I’ve always thought John would sound awesome covering one of my favorite singer/songwriters, ironically also named John, as in John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. My favorite Fogerty song has always been “Fortunate Son” so imagine my elation when I heard The Dead Daisies had covered it for this album and imagine my smile of satisfaction when I heard this version of the song! WELL DONE GENTS!!!

Is John Corabi a fan of Ric Flair? Possibly, judging by several reaccurances of “Woo!” throughout the song. “Last Time I Saw The Sun” takes you into the world of a touring musician and it really shines due to Marco’s groove. Do I sense a touch of the spirit of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird” in the beginning of the guitar solo? Nice touch either way. One more “Woo!” and I woulda thought Crabby was a Zack Ryder fan! “Mine All Mine” is the weakest tune on the album but is still good. It just seems to be missing something that I can’t place my eardrums on. It isn’t the guitar solo because it is one of my favs on the album. “How Does It Feel” will be a favorite amongst the guitar players who get the album while Beatles fans will surely recognize the influence in the harmony vocals. The album is back on track with this song.

Another song about the life of a touring musician finds Brian getting a hand and foot workout on “Freedom”. I’m sure Doug had to glue his calluses back on after the breakneck solo. “All The Same” is a cautionary tale about the female species. Could be an autobiographical look at Corabi’s past marriages. Carrying on the tradition started on Revolucion with its inclusion of two covers on the album, the album ends with an awesome cover of The Who classic “Join Together”. I am not that big of a fan of The Who. The only album of their vast catalog that I own is the 2004 compilation “The Who:Then & Now:1964-2004” which DOES NOT include “Join Together” so hearing The Dead Daisies version could have been the first time I’ve ever heard the song. I’ve since bought The Who version from Amazon Music. Not surprisingly, I perfer The Dead Daisies version. DO NOT SHOOT THE WRITER!

Yet another GREAT album from The Dead Daisies. For a band who just replaced two key members with one highly qualified new member and didn’t fill the keyboard position, this album sounds very cohesive in the writing and performance. Marti didn’t over-produce the album and the players served the song instead of their egos.

I’m really stoked about it being released in its entirety as a double red vinyl unlike Revolución which left off a three songs, another one song was a radio edit and it was all jammed onto one red vinyl. So far, the lineup that recorded “Make Some Noise” is slated to be the touring lineup but like anything, that is subject to change. I am hoping for a US headlining tour to support this album but I’m really hoping radio and music lovers will support the album.

Attend a show or ten. Buy the CD or double red LP, legally download it and spin the hell out of it for friends, family & enemies. Call your radio stations and demand they spin it! Call your Mom n’ Pops record stores and kindly ask that the carry this album! Any of those ideas will make you feel warm n’ fuzzy! Keep the Revolución going and Make Some Noise!

The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise

Released by:Spitfire Music/SPV Distribution
Release Date:August 5, 2016

01. Long Way To Go
02. We All Fall Down
03. Song And A Prayer
04. Mainline
05. Make Some Noise
06. Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
07. Last Time I Saw The Sun
08. Mine All Mine
09. How Does It Feel
10. Freedom
11. All The Same
12. Join Together (The Who cover)

Japanese Bonus Tracks:
13. Last Time I Saw The Sun (Acoustic)
14. Helter Skelter (Live)

The Dead Daisies L to R:
John Corabi, Brian Tichy, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza and David Lowy

The Dead Daisies:
Brian Tichy – drums
David Lowy – guitars
John Corabi – vocals
Doug Aldrich – guitars
Marco Mendoza – bass

*****Please note, that the CD and the Vinyl versions have different cover artwork, as seen below!*****

“Make Some Noise” CD Cover:
In Stores August 5, 2016

“Make Some Noise” LP Cover:
In Stores August 5, 2016

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*****Please note, that the CD and the Vinyl version have a different Cover Artwork!*****

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The Dead Daisies L to R:
Brian Tichy, David Lowy, John Corabi, Doug Aldrich and Marco Mendoza

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