Bye Felicia! Not the end of an era! KISS vs Eddie Trunk & The Grinch That Cancelled KISS-Mas

Bye Felicia! Not the end of an era! KISS vs Eddie Trunk & The Grinch That Cancelled KISS-Mas
December 22, 2016 | By More

WARNING:If you’ve come here seeking cozy yuletide greetings, fruitcake, hot apple cider and sweet cozy ramblings, you’re at the wrong place because I’m feeling so UNHOLY because HATE is what I am because underneath this heart there beats the heart of a man!

The opinion/rant below are of Crash Crafton’s mind and his mind alone!

It’s truly NOT the end of an era despite the hissy fit Eddie Trunk is throwing to convince you to believe it is! Good try Eddie, if I were 3 years old, you woulda had me you sly dog!

Since 1992, Eddie Trunk has had a Merry KISSmas radio special with three hours plus of KISS music, interviews and more. Eddie won’t be doing a KISSmas special this year because KISS Manager, Doc McGhee cancelled an appearance on ET’s radio show minutes before showtime! Geez Doc, you meanie!

Poor Eddie! Doc bails on him, Paul dislikes him, Gene toys with him but he still has Ace and Peter on speed dial & at the tip of his demon-lite tongue. KISS, be nice, lil’ Eddie is fragile!

ET throws an “on air”, whoa is me, hissy fit & makes himself out to be more than what he is while name dropping right n’ left! Boo-fuckin-hoo! Poor lil’ Eddie just took his ball and went home because KISS, INC. are big mean bullies!

Newsflash ET: These Rock Stars who you call Brother all the time, which was the nicest name they’ve referred to you as, I’ve heard them call you a tool & you only have their contact info because you are free PR! Why do the call it, The Music Business?

I’ve witnessed your “holier than thou” act in person. I approached you like “two frogs meeting in a swamp” at a show just to say hello and you turned your nose towards your ample forehead & shunned me. Yet later while I conversed with the artist who you claim is one of your best friends and for who you take credit for boosting his career in the USA as a solo artist & for recommending him for a high profile band gig, you acted like we were old chums! I just walked off leaving you looking stupid!

So, ET holds a vote and the top three bands, Van Halen, Rush and Iron Maiden all get their own specials this year instead. Smooth, all KILLER brands! Smart move! Sly!

WTG ET! Turn your butthurt in to catering to large fanbases that’ll bring you MUCH publicity and bigger ratings! You are such the Master Manipulator of your Minions! #Clever

You should be bitching equally as much about Deep Purple, Journey, Foreigner, Grand Funk Railroad, Molly Hatchet, Ace Frehley & all these other bands who are actively touring with so few originals or none at all! What’s the REAL reason you put KISS on your Haterade sponsored pedistal?

What’s your true angle, Eddie?

Artists and music fans need to quit drinking Eddie’s bath water. He’s playing people like a fiddle! Deflate his ego and remind him he’s just a damn good DJ with great interview skills not a Clive Davis or Ahmet Ertugen or even a poor man’s Bill Aucoin!

He’s mad at KISS because they don’t give him the special attention his ego craves like other rock stars who need the cheap PR that the name association gets them!

KISS is in another league so they don’t need him like Ace & Peter do!

Ah ha! Reading my scribblings, it dawns on me, I got YOU “diagnosed”….

noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths
a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

Seek help now!

Dear Eddie Trunk,

Grow up! You just became the Grinch who cancelled KISS-Mas! What to be a KISS fans and way to shit in the stocking of KISS fans who geniunely look forward to your annual KISS-Mas specials since 1992!

You are not just the Grinch who cancelled KISS-Mas, you are a selfish, manipulating, egomaniacal, sociopathetic asshole!

Someone needs to shut your mic off for good to bring your ego back from outer space! Ack!

I’ll have my own KISS-Mas Special by playing Revenge, Alive III, MTV Unplugged, Carnival Of Souls, Sonic Boom, Monster and by watching what “KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK” should have been, KISS MEETS SCOOBY-DOO!



Happy Holidays & lay off the spiked fruitcake and egg nog!

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