Blu-Ray/CD Review – The Rolling Stones – Havana Moon – Eagle Rock Entertainment

Blu-Ray/CD Review – The Rolling Stones – Havana Moon – Eagle Rock Entertainment
December 24, 2016 | By More

Dateline – Good Friday – March 25, 2016 – which is a date that will go down in both Cuban and Rock ‘n’ Roll history. The Rolling Stones became the first rock band to play a massive free outdoor concert to hundreds of thousands in Havana, Cuba. This historic concert was captured by award winning film director Paul Dugdale and the result is…..

Havana Moon!

Why am I writing a review on The Rolling Stones?

What can be said about The Rolling Stones that hasn’t been said 1,000,001 times already?

Yet here I sit happily typing a review about the superb Blu-Ray/2CD release from Eagle Rock Entertainment entitled Havana Moon.

Gone are the simple days of six lads from London England. In its place is a ensemble featuring “The Core Four” of Mick, Keef, Charlie and Ronnie then eight world class musicians round out the ensemble collectively known as The Rolling Stones.

It is a massive almost confusing business machine, just look at the liner notes. The band has a manager, each member has its own manager the each member was an Executive Producer of the “Havana Moon” project then the band has an Executive Producer for it followed by a seperate Executive Producer for each of “The Core Four”!

Confused yet? I’m still shaking my head wondering how the band even gets to the stage to ROCK? They must have ‘Steel Wheels’ to keep all those stones rolling.

When, since 1962 did The Rolling Stones forget the K.I.S.S. (NOT the band) Method?

Thankfully, they have not forgot how to put on one helluva an electrifying Rock N’ Roll show!

What a workout Rock’s quintessential frontman, Mick Jagger gets! For being 73, he has more stamina than twenty year old Olympians.

Then you have “The Twins of Cool”, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood but most importantly, do not forget about the ROCK that makes the Stones Roll, Mr. Charlie Watts! The quit assassin of the drum kit, a man of few words who lets his sticks do the talking and is as percise in time keeping as the finest Swiss time piece. He is all about being in the pocket and providing the tastiest of groove for the other three to work their voodoo over.

Besides “The Core Four”, “The Remaining Eight” feature eight World Class Musicians in their own right. GOOGLE Darryl Jones & Chuck Leavell….WOW! However, one of “The Remaining Eight” that I really digg and follow, thanks to our dearly departed mutual friend Laure Mura is Bernard Fowler who along with Stevie Salas are the The IMF’s. Check out The IMF’s, Nickelbag & his work with The Dead Daisies. I’d love for Bernard, Stevie Salas and Richie Kotzen to do a collaboration album! Hell, they’re good pals. What’s the “hold up”?

All the classics are played but I have two MINOR gripes, one is the lack of deep cuts and two is the fact that no material from my all-time favorite Stones LP, 1988’s “Steel Wheels” is represented in the set.

It is The Rolling Stones so my gripes are quickly “filed” and all is quickly forgiven because you can’t always get what you want!

In this Blu-Ray/2CD set, you do get what you need which is the chance to witness a Rock N’ Roll institution perform an historic show in from of an estimated total audience of 1.2 million Cubans on TV & in person on one of the coolest stages that Sir Mick has ever strutted across!

All that being said, between the Blu-Ray, 2 CD’s and album packaging, I got my satisfaction from this beautiful package released by Eagle Rock Entertainment.

In closing, I know it’s only Rock N’ Roll but I LOVE IT!!!

Blu-Ray Track List –

1) Jumpin Jack Flash
2) It s Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It)
3) Out Of Control
4) Angie
5) Paint It Black
6) Honky Tonk Women
7) You Got The Silver
8) Midnight Rambler
9) Gimme Shelter
10) Sympathy For The Devil
11) Brown Sugar
12) You Can t Always Get What You Want
13) (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction

Blu-Ray Bonus Tracks –

1) Tumbling Dice
2) All Down The Line
3) Before They Make Me Run
4) Miss You
5) Start Me Up

CD Track List –

1) Jumpin Jack Flash
2) It s Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It)
3) Tumbling Dice
4) Out Of Control
5) All Down The Line
6) Angie
5) Paint It Black
6) Honky Tonk Women
7) You Got The Silver
?) Before They Make Me Run
8) Midnight Rambler

CD Bonus Tracks –
1) Miss You
2) Gimme Shelter
3) Start Me Up
4) Sympathy For The Devil
5) Brown Sugar
6) You Can t Always Get What You Want
7) (I Can t Get No) Satisfaction

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