CD & Blu-Ray Review – Extreme – Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown – Loud & Proud Records

CD & Blu-Ray Review – Extreme – Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown – Loud & Proud Records
January 6, 2017 | By More

Extreme, those funky rockers from Boston have just released an awesome Blu-Ray/DVD/CD package entitled “Pornograffitti Live 25/Metal Meltdown”. The show is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of “Pornograffitti” that sees the band playing the album in its entirety.

I’ve obviously been aware of Extreme since the early 1990’s but by no-means ever followed them. I’d fall under the “casual fan” category as I only ever owned their “Waiting For The Punchline” studio album and their 1997 compilation “The Best Of Extreme: An Accidental Collication Of Atoms?”. I am one of “those guys” who skip the obligatory power ballad from bands of the 1980’s through early 1990’s. Sadly due to the insane amount of times that “More Than Words” & “Hole Hearted” that was shoved into my eye & earholes, I flat ignored Extreme until it was too late.

I bought and thoroughly enjoyed Nuno’s post-Extreme solo debut “Schizophonic” & was one of the few who dugg Gary in Van Halen. VHIII has it moments but do yourself a favor and YouTube live footage of Cherone-fronted Van Halen! He did all eras of VH justice.

The band definitely won me over big time with this release. I’ve went and purchased their entire catalog on CD as well as some on vinyl! I love me some vinyl! I hope to catch them live someday as well. They’re super tight musically, Gary is an entertaining frontman while showcasing a strong set of pipes, Nuno as we know is one helluva guitarist and the rhythm section of Pat & Kevin are locked down tighter than Ft. Knox. A few tracks popped out to me; “Decadent Dance”, “Get The Funk Out”, “(It) ‘s A Monster”, “Flight of the Wounded Bumble Bee” and the insane tongue twister “Play With Me”.

Whether a avid fan of Extreme or a casual fan such as myself, pick up a copy of “Pornograffitti Live 25/Metal Meltdown”. The career-spanning documentary on the band is worth the MSRP alone but throw in the amazing show and it more than delivers bang for your hard-earned buck as the band flat out rock & their performance is expertly captured on audio & video!

From Press Release:

Released on Ocotber 14 by the award-winning production company Rock Fuel Media in association with Loud & Proud Records as part of their four-part “Metal Meltdown” DVD series. It is directed by Brian Lockwood (Bon Jovi, Metallica, Motley Crue), the PORNOGRAFFITTI LIVE 25 / METAL MELTDOWN package includes a Blu-ray, DVD, and audio CD of the complete concert that was filmed on May 30, 2015 at The Joint at the world famous Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. It also features Rockshow, a bonus documentary that takes fans through Extreme’s story, with exclusive interviews, ‘80s archive footage, and an exclusive photo gallery. Mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound.

Gary Cherone – Lead Vocals
Pat Badger – Bass & Vocals
Kevin Figueiredo – Drums & Percussion
Nuno Bettencourt – Guitars & Vocals

Track List:

1.    Decadence Dance 
2.    Li’l Jack Horny 
3.    When I’m President 
4.    Get the Funk Out 
5.    More Than Words
6.    Money (In God We Trust)
7.    It (‘s a Monster)
8.    Pornograffitti 
9.    When I First Kissed You
10.  Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) 
11.  Flight of the Wounded Bumble Bee 
12.  He-Man Woman Hater 
13.  Song For Love 
14.  Hole Hearted 
15.  Play With Me*
16.  Cupid’s Dead*

* Songs do not appear on the audio CD. 

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