Introducing The UK’s Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra – These Hellbillies Plan On Invading The USA

Introducing The UK’s Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra – These Hellbillies Plan On Invading The USA
February 24, 2017 | By More

Hailing from the UK and formed in 2016, Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra are described as a melting pot of original songs created with southern flavors, herbs, spices, alcohol and blood. They welcome you to “C’mon in our kitchen!”

The band consists of Doghouse Paul on Vocals and Harmonicas, Patsy Gein on Double Bass, Mr. Welch on Banjo, Rocker Dave on Guitars n’ Vocals & Ryan ‘The Bootstrap Sheikh’ on Drums & Percussion!

Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

I first became aware of Rocker Dave nine years ago when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of his old band performing Nikki Sixx’ Americoma Records recording artist Laidlaw‘s “Send My Baby Home”. I was impressed by the guitarist but the singer never should have been allowed within 100 yards of a live mic.

I expressed that feeling in the comment section and Rocker Dave blasted back defending his singer. Too each their own but we were a mutual admiration society for the twin guitar attack of Laidlaw’s Craig DeFalco on rhythm guitar and Buzzy James on lead guitar. I put Rocker Dave in contact with Craig and Buzzy who later contacted him to express their appreciation for giving the song new life by covering it at his live shows.

Rocker Dave and his lovely wife Devon, who models their swag that is sold on Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra’s official website, soon struck up an online friendship with Buzzy & his wife Trish. Rewind to five years ago and Rocker Dave & Devon flew from the UK to Long Beach, CA. to meet in Buzzy & Trish in person. They’ve even formed a band called The Corn Hairs with Wade Wilkinson, an in-demand producer, musician and engineer who worked on a few Sublime albums & owner of Mambo Studios, that gigs around Southern California and is recording their debut album at BuzzTone Recording Studio in Signal Hill, CA.

Buzzy James saying hello to Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra!

Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra have a unique sound that is influenced by the genres of Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Southern Rock and Country. They have played all over the UK. They are presently booked on several BIG festivals including BOOMTOWN 2017 in Hampshire.

I asked Rocker Dave, Ryan and Doghouse Paul what would be the one band they’d want to share a concert stage with & they all exclaimed BLACKBERRY SMOKE! I knew then I’d really digg these cats!!!

Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra have hopes of bringing their unique show to the United States of America during 2017. Personally, health issues be damned, I’ll be in the front row handing them shots of whiskey and begging to hear “Voodoo Queen” ten more times!

Keep an eye on LRI for an interview with the band!

The album that brought Rocker Dave, Buzzy, Craig and myself together!


Listen to Burn the House by Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

Listen to Milk My Cow by Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

Listen to Voodoo Queen by Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

Listen to Willie Nelson by Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

Listen to Country High by Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

Nice logo!

Highest offer gets the shirt off Devon’s back, autographed by Devon & the band:

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  1. Great Review! We are Very lucky to have these Guys & Gal here in the South of England, I will be in California in July and on a road trip Down the 48 in October, I would make a special effort to see them if they were over with you! (and I know what you mean about the Singer,) Simon. Somethin Else!