Introducing Canadian Melodic Progressive Metal Band Projekt Gemineye

Introducing Canadian Melodic Progressive Metal Band Projekt Gemineye
February 28, 2017 | By More

Projekt Gemineye is a Melodic Progressive Metal artist based in Canada. The band features former Piledriver guitarist, Mark Anthony K.

Mark Anthony K came on my radar courtesy of his frequent appearances on Julian Gill’s KISSFaq Podcast that I watch weekly on YouTube. Mark is very knowledgeable about all things KISS especially the topic of Bob Ezrin‘s contributions to KISS’ discography. He is also an avid vinyl collector and has his own podcast dedicated to Prog legends and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees, YES. The podcast is called the YES MUSIC PODCAST!

Official Website for the YES MUSIC PODCAST:

Very rarely do I digg Prog music. One, I just don’t “get it” and two, 90% of it is narcissistic overindulgent wankery for musicians and music snobs. I appreciate Prog but to me, the genre, the music, the players and its fans are no better than those who play or prefer Hillbilly backwoods jug bands. We are all humans, it is all music, it is meant to unify not divide.

If you don’t care for the words I expressed about my interactions with SOME not all of the Prog community then don’t read and start your own site as a forum to unify the music community and hopefully turn music lovers onto new sounds that they normally wouldn’t explore on their own.

That is why I’m using my platform, #2 pencil and Big Chief Tablet to tell you about Projekt Gemineye because although I rarely digg Prog, I gave it a shot and walked away a fan based off one $2 single song purchase and CANNOT wait for the CD & the future VINYL, yes vinyl release of Projekt Gemineye.


Wait, you spent $2 for a song he’s giving away for free? Damn right I did! Why, you ask? Because he has spent thousands of hours learning about chords, melody, song structure, time signature changes, songwriting, musical equipment, learning to play that equipment, recording equipment, learning how to operate the equipment, engineering, mixing and mastering his recordings, paying to have a digital outlet to give away and/or sell his recordings, paid to make physical cd’s & vinyl, paid James McCarthy to design & create the album artwork, set up various social media platforms as well as dealing with digital music sales outlets for ‘Projekt Gemineye’, handles ALL press inquiries including the idiot writing this & then packages up the product, fills out various postal forms and mails the physical product to fans with fingers crossed hoping they will enjoy what they see & hear upon arrival. So, yeah, $2 for a free song is the least we can do!!! How did you like that run-on paragraph?


I’m glad I didn’t let my own “prejudice” cloud my decision to check Projekt Gemineye out. There is some fine musicianship on display! Let me introduce the other contributors to the sound of Projekt Gemineye:

Guitars – Mark Anthony K
Bass – Mark Anthony K
Keys – Mark Anthony K
Drums – Mark Anthony K
Producer – Mark Anthony K
Engineer – Mark Anthony K
Mixing – Mark Anthony K
Mastering – Mark Anthony K
Artwork Concept – Mark Anthony K
Album Artwork Design & Creation – James McCarthy

Yep, with the exception of the album artwork design and creation done by James McCarthy, Projekt Gemineye IS Mark Anthony K. Now, onto the single “An Ordinary Day”.

The first single, “An Ordinary Day” which is the albums title track is packed full of impressive fretboard work, MELODY, a rock solid rhythm section, EPIC orchestration, some stellar keys with the sonic sweetness of B3 and mellotron alongside a vocal approach that perfectly accents the music.

For more info on Julian Gill’s KISSFaq Podcast with Mark Anthony K as well as Julian’s book and ordering links, click here.

KISS Odyssey: The Definitive Examination of “Music From The Elder,” KISS’s Cult-classic Concept Album by Julian Gill

Order Julian Gill’s ‘KISS Odyssey: The Definitive Examination of “Music From The Elder,” KISS’s Cult-classic Concept Album’:

Here is how you can order this exciting new release. Please remember Projekt Gemineye is a one man operation with EVERYTHING being done by Mark Anthony K so if you have ANY questions prior to ordering, email him at the address below! He is EXTREMELY quick to respond!!!

The cost for the album , including shipping, is as follows (in Canadian funds):

$14.00 if ordering from Canada
$17.00 if ordering from the US
$20.00 if ordering from Europe or UK
$22.00 if ordering from Asia and Japan

Payment by PayPal (F&F if possible) to:

[email protected]

Mark has been told by the manufacturer that he will receive the CD’s by March 6th.

There you go…if you have any further questions feel free to message him.

Official Website for Projekt Gemineye:

Projekt Gemineye

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