EP Review – Klassik 78

EP Review – Klassik 78
March 3, 2017 | By More

Klassik 78 is the best studio album KISS has not released since 1997. I’ll admit it, I really digg “Carnival Of Souls” so send ANY hate mail to Moon! With that being said, Klassik 78 is a throwback to forty years prior to 1977. The title may say 78 but it feels like Side #4 of Alive II to me and that was released in 1977. 1977 was a simpler time with much better music of the times than is shoved in our ears in 2017! Ohhhh, how I miss the good ol’ days! Wait! I wasn’t even born in 1977 but I was in the womb so that should count for something!

In my opinion, if you combined Side #4 of ALIVE II with these six songs, you’d have one of KISS’ greatest studio albums, EVER! It’d rank up there with the debut album! Klassik 78 captures the spirit and vibe of Classic KISS perfectly. Not just Gene and Paul but Peter and Ace as well, the band KISS. My favorite track is “Streetwise”, hands down! It could easily have come from Ace’s legendary ’78 solo album!

Klassik 78 feels and sounds like KISS did in 1977. It is like someone unearthed long lost sessions from days gone by and issued it with the genius modern marketing campaign of Klassik 78. I wonder what Gene and Paul think of this. I bet they’ve both sat back and said “We raised them right!”. Klassik 78 not only captures the spirit and sound but in a different way, they capture the mystique. Nobody really knew what KISS looked like without their trademark makeup and nobody really knew their true identities except those in their inner circle. Same goes for Klassik 78. Well played gents, well played!

Released on Valentine’s Day, it has created such a buzz! Now, if I was the masterminds behind Klassik 78, a few EP’s would be it. No more than four and NEVER reveal who is behind the mask! Klassik 78 is an anomaly in the fact that the idenity of the musicians is unknown. I’d keep that a mystery. They have captured lightning in a bottle. Anything else would dilute its legacy.

I really hope that this will come out in physical formats.

Track Listing:

Standing Tall
Please ‘N Tease
Mean Business
Passion & Love
Rock And Roll You

Order Klassik 78 Digital EP:

Klassik 78 Official Website:

This KLASSIK ’78 album TV ad takes us all the way back to a very special night in October 1978:

Could a vinyl release happen?
I sure hope so!

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  1. Jon says:

    This is just amazing. They absolutely nail the sound of Rock and Roll Over/Love Gun era KISS, right down to the vocal tics, guitar phrasing, and cowbell. I hope they sell enough to convince them to make “Side Two.”

  2. Crash Crafton says:

    Glad you digg it, Jon! Thank you for checking out the review and PLEASE support Klassik 78 by purchasing their EP! I’m stoked I spent the $5 for the EP & YES, I HOPE they release a “Side Two”, SOON!

  3. Scott S. says:

    I have a theory on this. These musicians remain “unknown”….unmasked style. Just like the mystery of Kiss in the 70’s. If anyone has ever read the final part of Paul Stanleys book, he is not shy about saying that himself and Gene are replaceable. The band KISS will continue on eventually, with Gene and Paul replacements. Kiss is more than just a band, it is a BUSINESS. Imagine now…..Klassik78 is a secret project yes, and Gene and Paul are executive producers. This next generation of KISS with Gene and Paul replacements, will release albums in the style of Klassik78. Full albums in this amazing 70’s KISS style, with a fully 2018 and beyond technology enhanced stage show that will propel the KISS brand into many more decades to come. Imagine…….I would buy every album if it sounded like Klassik78!! By the way, the $6 I spent on iTunes is the best money I have spent on Kiss since Rock and Roll Over, and funny….it does not go to KISS…..or does it???

    • Crash Crafton says:

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! Genius! Thanks for taking the time to read my review and for commenting on it as well!