Introducing Music Is The Medicine, A Non-Profit Charitable Organization Founded by Anthony Gomes

Introducing Music Is The Medicine, A Non-Profit Charitable Organization Founded by Anthony Gomes
March 24, 2017 | By More

All too often when a musician aligns themselves with a charitable cause it is usually a one-time donation. Essentially it is nothing more than a photo op and a reason to put their publicist to work. Cheap publicity to tug at the public’s heart strings in order to gain someone a few media inquires that in-turn make the someone a profit. This is not the case with Anthony Gomes.

Anthony Gomes is an international recording and touring artist originally from Toronto Canada but now based in St. Louis. He’s a self-proclaimed Blues Evangelist thanks to his passion for The Blues and a strong belief in The Gospel. His shows, as I have described are the equivalent of attending a Church Tent Revival in the South. An ordained minister, I’ve often told him that if he had his own church, I would happily attend every Sunday, faithfully. You can’t help but feel his spirit, not only in concert but just in his presence! I’ve known him for sixteen years, he is the most humble and caring person I’ve met in my twenty-seven years in and around the music industry.

Back in 2006, Anthony released an album entitled ‘Music Is The Medicine’. The title track is an uplifting number that encourages the listener to “shake your tailfeather” while getting the message across that “music is the medicine”. Not one for cheap PR, Gomes put his money where his mouth is and formed the Music Is The Medicine Foundation (MITM), a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, in 2010.

Music Is The Medicine (Official Audio)

I spoke with Anthony prior to show February 11th at The Cotillion Ballroom in Wichita Kansas about all the foundations happenings. He stated “We have partnered with Apple and created listening stations for kids at St. Jude’s in Bloomington, IL. Our most recent project was to supply a PA for a choir of mentally ill inpatients and outpatients at Montreal General Hospital. The music acts as a healer and stabilizing force. This choir performs all around the world. At the end of May, we are working on a big fundraiser to raise enough money that they can have a recording studio.”

News clip about MITM’s donation to Montreal General

MITM’s mission statement is to use music as a healer and impact people in tangible ways. Since its inception, MITM has directly helped children with Cancer, young adults with Autism and War Veterans suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). MITM has funded songwriting scholarships, offered music education programs, donated music instruments to various organizations and causes.

In addition to private donations, MITM has been awarded grants from State Farm Insurance and CVS Pharmacy as well as partnering with Apple, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Once Upon A String and Six String Heroes. MITM has a very dedicated staff working behind the scenes to ensure that Anthony Gomes vision of healing through the power of music is achieved. Today, MITM’s social media reach spans 46 countries and 26 languages.

Like any artist worth is salt, Anthony is constantly touring bringing his potent combination of blues, rock, gospel, soul and funk to the masses. He ALWAYS has time to meet those who come to his shows, between sets and after the amplifiers quit buzzing. If he is in your town, I highly recommend you spend the evening shaking your tailfeather and cleansing your soul with the healing medicine that is music!

Official Anthony Gomes Website with social media links, NEW tour dates, music and merch.

Music Is The Medicine Foundation website

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