Single Review – Warrant – Only Broken Heart – Frontiers Music srl

Single Review – Warrant – Only Broken Heart – Frontiers Music srl
March 25, 2017 | By More

Nice to see the mythic Jimmy re-appear on Warrant’s rockin’ new single ‘Only Broken Heart’. Jimmy is a name that Warrant fans have been hearing since at least 1987 in the form of a demo simply titled ‘Jimmy’. Warrant never put it on an album. Maybe one day they will release it as a prequel to ‘Only Broken Heart’ then complete the trilogy on their next studio album which hopefully doesn’t take six years like the gap between ‘Rockaholic’ and the forthcoming ‘Louder Harder Faster’!!!

Former singer, the late great Jani Lane recorded and released ‘Jimmy’ on ‘Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner’ with his Saints Of The Underground project back in 2008. That album also featured ex-Warrant and current Night Ranger guitarist, Keri Kelli, ex-Ratt members Robbie Crane on bass and a drummer I won’t name for fear of frivolous litigation. Choo….choo, cheesecake!

I can’t heap enough praise on the band. They have consistently been one of my favorite bands since jumping in my earholes during the Summer of 1989 when I was a wee-lil’ Crash terrorizing Long Beach, CA. Minus the ‘Born Again’ album, yuck, the band has never failed me in the studio album department. Warrant with Jaime St. James was good live but minus a song or two, that album missed its mark.

Having befriended Jani and worked for him in 2007. He was 1000% sober and at the top of his game. After he took a call from Erik Turner backstage prior to hitting the stage at JC’s House of Rock in Wichita Kansas, he told me a reunion was in the works. I won’t go into the trainwreck that was the ill-fated 2008 reunion with Jani as everyone knows what happened. The band, feeling the need to carry on, made the absolute correct decision in having Robert Mason take control of the mic.

In July 2016, I had the pleasure of joining Robert for coffee. For almost two hours, we spoke of his time in Lynch Mob, Cry Of Love, singing for Ozzy, his nearly ten year tenure in Warrant and his band Big Cock. Imagine being two guys in a cozy little coffee shop discussing BIG COCK and trying not to be overheard for fear of what the people of Dodge City, Kansas would think. Yikes! Robert told me of how he had met Jani at the Filthy McNasty’s FM Station nightclub in North Hollywood and how Jani insisted that Robert’s band Lynch Mob be the openers on Warrant’s tour once they released their self-titled album in 1992.

Robert spoke of how he got the Warrant gig and how Jani, while disappointed that he fucked up his chance at remaining with the band he helped reach stardom in the late 80’s, was cool with Robert helping Warrant move forward. Mason is the right guy for the job. Insanely talented as a singer, equally talented as a frontman and a damn good songwriter. He is an old friend of Jani’s who takes great pride in making sure Jani is not forgotten & that his songs live on.

I’m not going to lie, when I saw the press release for their forthcoming album, ‘Louder Harder Faster’ due May 12th on Frontiers Music srl. I figured ‘Only Broken Heart’ was a sappy ballad. WRONG….this tune f’n ROCKS!!! The single is available on Amazon. It is also available on YouTube to stream.

Clocking in at just under five minutes, ‘Only Broken Heart’ is a rockin’ lil’ ditty featuring Robert Mason singing full-throttle for most of the track. You can hear the influence Thin Lizzy has had on the band. I really digg the frenetic pace of the song, the main heavy riffage supplied by Joey Allen along with some bluesy melodic guitar leads. The breakdown prior to the blazin’ solo is a nice touch that gives the listener a chance to catch their breath.

Erik Turner has to be one of the most consistent rhythm guitarists in the biz, playing for the song but when he steps out for a solo, watch out. I don’t think the rhythm section of bassist Jerry Dixon and drummer Steven Sweet get their just due. They really lock in a tight groove here on ‘Only Broken Heart’. Don’t forget to digg on those sweet sultry harmonious background vocals!

If ‘Only Broken Heart’ and the previously issued cover of the Merle Haggard classic ‘I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink’ are any indication of the quality Rock N’ Roll that awaits Warrant fans on May 12th then we are in for one helluva rockin’ summer! If he was good enough for Ozzy and Cry Of Love then he is great enough to lead Warrant for however much longer they decide to take us to where the down boys go!

Coffee with Robert Mason

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Steven Sweet – Joey Allen – Robert Mason – Erik Turner – Jerry Dixon
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