CD Review: Fozzy – Judas – Century Media Records

CD Review: Fozzy – Judas – Century Media Records
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First off, I’m an idiot. But more of that later.

Secondly, some confessions:

I’ve never cared for wrestling, be it WWF, WWE or WWWhatever. I know, right. But it’s something I just don’t get. Playfighting by big men in tight underwear? Just no.

Also, I’ve broken one of my cardinal rules for listening to music. ‘Don’t assume what it sounds like until you hear it for yourself.’ This leads back to my first sentence.

After hearing, a few years back that a WWE guy had formed a band,I kinda chuckled to myself  and while not actively avoiding Fozzy, I just never really made an effort to listen to them. I had friends that sang their praises, but I was never really sure if that was the music or wrestling talking.

And so today I had my first ever listen to Fozzy and I refer you again back to my first sentence.

Judas is their seventh album which came out just a few weeks ago on  October 13th. 2017 on Century Media Records…. and you know, it ain’t half bad.

Judas starts with what could be a reboot of an 80’s goth-rock anthem and in fact there’s quite a few hints, nods and lifts from that genre. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The main feel I get is one of a band called Paradise Lost around their ‘One Second’ album (well worth checking out, by the way)

Drinking With Jesus has an Alice Cooper type vibe to it and Painless follows on with an almost Evanessence feel throughout. The synth heavy dance beat of Weight of the World breaks a bit from the ‘norm’ here,  before Wordsworth Way brings us back into the dark lair of vampires and other such dark creatures. Burn Me Out follows with another danceable slice of Sisters of Mercy left fieldness. Talking of left field, here comes Three Days In Jail, which is a definite Linkin Park rock/rap/nu-metal/the 00’s never happened thing. Elevator has a nice groove to it, and the album finishes with a 1, 2, 3 punch of Running With The Bulls, Capsized and finally, the killer blow of Wolves At Bay.

Overall I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the playing and writing on the album, (also featuring Rich Ward and Billy Grey on guitar duty, Paul Di Leo on bass,  drums from Frank Fontsere) and Chris Jerico has proved he is more than just a bad actor in tights and a vest to me.

I’m not saying I’m going to watch wrestling now, but there is a distinct chance I’ll be checking out Fozzy’s back catalogue.

FOZZY: Judas Tracklist

1. “Judas”
2. “Drinkin’ with Jesus”
3. “Painless”
4. “Weight of My World”
5. “Wordsworth Way”
6. “Burn Me Out”
7. “Three Days in Jail”
8. “Elevator”
9. “Running with the Bulls”
10. “Capsized”
11. “Wolves at Bay”

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