About LRI

Bringing you quality interviews with some of rock and roll’s greatest stars and other entertainers, Legendary Rock Interviews (LRI) has over 150+ interviews with musicians, producers, and adult film stars. That number continues to grow each week.

As a fan of rock music ourselves, we attempt to bring you quality interviews that are different from the normal cookie-cutter interviews out there in some magazines. Artists typically do 100’s of interviews when they are promoting a product or event. Having to repeat some of those same tiresome answers can get a little annoying to some artists.  What we try to bring is, an in-depth and a more personal style of interview.

In addition to interviewing national recording artists, we will also be bringing some attention to some of the unsigned talent out there in our indie artist showcase. Every known band out there was a “local” band at one point, just struggling to get noticed. We look forward to bringing you your latest “Legendary” artist.

Let’s keep the Legend Alive!