Damion Test Page

Many have asked if Damion needs anything or what can I do to help.  So, here are a few ways:

We have set up a PayPal account for Damion (because most of the funding sites charge a significant administrative fee) to raise funds to help with his medical expenses, bills, housing issues, or any other items that might arise from this tragedy.  Anyone who would like to donate can use PayPal for free (either log in to your account or create an account for no charge) at Paypal.com  PLEASE SEND MONEY USING THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION – there will be no transaction fees charged with this option.  To contribute, enter Damion’s PayPal account: [email protected]

Another way to help is to donate your time.  As many of you know, Damion was in process of remodeling his house in Mt. Clemens and the kitchen and bathrooms are pretty much gutted.  Anyone with any skills in the construction/remodeling field please email Damion at: [email protected]  with your name, skills, times available, etc., and let’s help Damion finish his home while he is still in the hospital and therapy. Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers.

I know everyone has been wanting to know about the life altering accident Damion has had.
Damion fell off a two story roof top and severed the lower part of his spine and spinal cord. He has had surgery to stabilize the spine and repair the “Burst Fracture”, and is recovering in the ICU at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. He also has some broken ribs that will take some time to heal.

Damion just got out of ICU today.He does have his phone with him, so you can text or call him with words of love, encouragement and prayers.

We our counting the blessing that he is alive, he does not have head trauma. He is still Damion and he has a very determined outlook and as always a wicked quick sense of humor that will get him through this new way of life on wheels.